Saturday, February 15, 2014


Em teases John, because he always says yes, when his agent sets up auditions for commercials.

"The fact of the matter is, you don't need to do commercials and you never get the job," Em says. 

John explains why he doesn't gets the job. (If you are an actor, or want to make commercials, listen to what John's says about "playing yourself."


Cara Lopez Lee said...

I auditioned for commercials when I lived in L.A. The closest I ever got was almost landing a Taco Bell gig. They liked me: but I suspect I was too ethnically mixed: not a white enough Latina. And when I talked about the delicious bites in Nachos Bell Grande, I may have put a little too much sex into the reading. Commercials ain't easy.

Pete in Montana said...

I'm really tired of commercials! Have you been watching the Olympics? I can't believe how many they squeeze in. I have some old TV shows on DVD, and a one hour show, in the 1960s, had about 49 minutes of programming. Now you get about 41 minutes. Whenever I watch something, I hit the mute button or go do something else until the commercials are over. The NFL games are the worst. Well, I have to go to break now, See Ya.

Dustspeck said...

Thank God for that! It's his excellent Guardian Angle protecting him. That's all it is; so, repeat the first thing I said, sez Dustspeck.