Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The smartphone you cherish and utilize every day is cherished  and used by  3.5. billion other guys.

Kevin Maney, a down to earth editor at Newsweek, predicts we are going to rely less on our phones!

Hey, no way Jose.    It's my do-everything assistant

Kevin M, who happens to be an exceptionally knowledgeable journalist, says our attention is already shifting from the screen in our hand, to the sky above. He quotes a December survey that says five years from now we probably won't be using smartphones. People will access apps in more convenient ways. Like cars, for example -- they'll connect to the network, respond to voice commands, display lists and maps on the windshield. Like banks or iTunes -- you’ll just say "pay electric bill," or "play this week's hit song."

Apple's Siri, Google Now, and Amazon’s Echo are already heading in that direction -- no phone is needed. The tech is still rudimentary, but The Cloud and artificial intelligence will soon enable us to use other devices -- smartwatch, eyeglasses, touch-screen kitchen counter, car-- or Nest, Fitbit, Occulus Rift, or a gizmo implanted under your skin that responds to voice commands. No more user names or passwords -- your ID is your voice, face, or fingerprint.

A top Google executive said, "We won't use apps the way we do now.  The goal has to be to 'de-silo' -- unbundle apps, so Google, Siri, or Echo can mix and match app services to do the task you requested. What will you carry around? Some small gadget -- pocket screen for watching videos, news stories, and taking pictures -- it'll merely be an adjunct -- you won't need a smartphone."

Gee, -- no more looking down at a little screen?  We'll see real people?  We'll sit next to a person on a  bench,  and say "hello," "how are you today," or "nice weather" and chat?

Have a conversation? ? ? ? ?

Well ... It'll could be ...  an adventure, learning to connect to folks and relate to other guys with words you actually, out loud, into the air  S P E A K.


it might be ... interesting ... exciting...                

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