Monday, March 13, 2017


A FEW words, maybe for you,

Are definitely NEW.


ONE new word might be fun.

If you wanna have two...
This word might do.
It depends on who are your friends.

Hey, if you often "cosplay" ...


It does confuse,
But amuse your pals,
(those boys and gals),
Who choose not to divulge
The pleasures in which they indulge.

(Do you strike a match,
and join them?
Say ahem lightly, politely?

But new words like birds fly by...

With a realistic sigh,
Just try
To make sense
In one dense sentence...

Make it your intention to mention
            To pronounce --    
            To announce --
Say loudly some time today:


For quite awhile, your SEN PAL, BAELESS PAL,
Your toking smoking TOOKAH pals will smile!
And in the end, comprehend,
Seek to be fleek,
And like Santa's elves,
Use the new words themselves.

Here are other new words added by Merriam Websters this year:

And these:
LOLcat: In case you hadn't heard, it refers to pictures of cats you find all over the Internet accompanied with funny captions, typically with misspellings and incorrect grammar.
Five-second rule: It  makes people feel better for eating food that's fallen on the floor. This rule says it will still be uncontaminated if it's only been five  seconds.
Mahoosive: Exceptionally big.
Keyboard warrior: Someone who aggressively posts on Facebook or other social media sites.
Digital footprint: The information about you that can be found online.
Duck face: An exaggerated pouting expression, often made for a selfie.
Man crush: The non-sexual admiration one man has for another.
Some abbreviations also: Jel, for jealous; xlnt, because excellent is way too long; and IDC, meaning I don't care.

Hey,  IDDC -- I definitely do care!  Do you?


Carola said...

We call it the three second rule and we practice it a lot. Actually there is no truth to it.

Dustspeck said...

Young military personnel; prisoners of every kind, and ghetto poets spray new words that help us do our time. The five second rule; or, 2 second rule is not new as I recall; remember it from the 70s at least. As anyone who ever studied microbiology knows; that's a risky rule to follow. Why is it a footprint, that digital information individual impression one? My fingertips are resentful.