Friday, March 17, 2017


There was nothing interesting to watch on TV, so somewhat lackadaisically we revisited a famous, favorite film.
 Wow!  We were surprised, found ourselves seeing beautiful elements in the film -- brilliant things we'd never noticed before. Was it our mood? Or it because nowadays we actually see, feel, and understand a lot of things more realistically?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes revisiting old memories gives you a different outlook on life = Thanks 4 sharing

Dustspeck said...

First off: John's shirt is great! I love those colors mixed together fairly uniquely. Watch the movie, (Kentucky Fried Movie, the Fist Full Of Yen segment; the end scene). They do a tribute to The Wizard Of Oz at the end of the goofiness that that rotten tomato is. It's on YouTube in all its' magnificence; a truly sweet tribute to Bruce Lee's, (Enter the Dragon). The flame thrower arm bit is great! It helped to warp my mind more than it already was. Oh well.

Frank Clark said...

Good reviews and memories of the Wizard of Oz Yes, we did watch it every year, but it was worth watching.