Monday, September 25, 2017

Quick look at Plantee

Back in 2013, I usually said "Good morning" to the small pot of elephant ears that sat on my book shelf.
That's how it looked, in February, 2014, after 2 of its ears  turned brown. On the steps to our roof where we have a storage area, I found a larger black pot. My husband, John Cullum, got a flower shop owner, a fan who'd seen him in various shows, to sell him 4 cupfuls of potting soil, and we transplanted it. I put it on top of my printer just below a bright light. Calling it "Plantee," I started greeting it every morning and every night.

By October 2015 there were 5 nice-sized elephant ears, 3 small ones, and 2 sprouts. I got a bag of potting soil from Kmart for $4.95. We didn't have a right-sized pot, so we used a large Plaster of Paris can. Scrubbed it, loaded it with soil, adding 2 wood sticks, 2 straightened-out wire clothes hangers to support the 2 main stems, and installed a lamp to give it sunshine near the fax machine in the hallway between our offices -- it's Plantee's home now. I say hi and compliment it, whenever I pass through the hall to chat with John, golly, around a dozen times a day.

If you work in a small office, spend your day inside away from people and other living things, hey -- a plant to love and cherish, and talk to -- wow, it grows you like it grows the plant.

You're growing, and growing, like I say as I run out of words in this in this video about the wonders of growing, growing, growing like Plantee.

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