Monday, November 9, 2020




After Mark re-introduced himself to the star, Frankee mentioned the ten extra dancers. “We worried about hiring them, Mr. Chucky Jack. They’re not first class performers--they're...well...somewhat inept  as ballet dancers, but choreographer Mark  Ryder,  my husband felt  a stage packed with performers would be exciting,  more  impressive --actually, since the character you’re playing  is a well-known Tennessee hero. 

He nodded. Yes, a famous hero...” 

“Yes.   Most people who buy tickets have heard the name or read about “Chucky Jack” in the newspapers. Knoxville and Nashville are running ads and the extra dancers...

“Somewhat ’inept‘ like you said"...

“So, maybe we don’t really need them. It might  be a better number without them, Mr Chucky.”

“It might be. But your husband has enabled me to work with them, and your guidance is invariably helpful with successive cartwheels, Mr. Chucky.”

“Mrs. Ryder, why don’t you just call  me ‘John.’  My name, actually, is ‘John Cullum.’    


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