Monday, April 27, 2009


Last night we saw that movie where Doris Day sings Que Sera, Sera.

We'd seen it before. How many times? Her son's been kidnapped and she thinks he's in the embassy building where she sings for the ambassador and distinguished guests.

I'm not sure what the song title actually is -- is it Cera, Sirra? I'll hum it for JD who knows French. I studied French at Berlitz because I was supposed to go to Paris, to stage a scene for Maria Callas in a film. Learning to speak French as well as read it was fascinating, boring, and a big challenge. Though the film was canceled, what I'd learned inspired me. I wrote a "Cyrano " for JC which was (and still is) a favorite marvelous project that got extraordinary reviews, raves for us both throughout the U.S.

Anyhow, we were watching the movie, at the kitchen table, planning to discuss a new play possibility for JC, but Doris Day totally captivated us, diverted us.

Doris' bell-like singing voice, every word clear, the shape of her face, her neat movie star's body, her utterly convincing acting -- has she been praised, lauded, credited for that? Or remembered for her typicality, her perfect American Wife-Mother-Girlfriend looks?

I can't help wondering how she's doing now? Would my rave notice touch her, delight her, lift her out of any end of life fears and doldrums she may be having?

Am sending her telepathically a stream of affirmation, to ripple and pour over and around her -- what a gift Doris Day has given us with her talent.

Like Rachel M but I can't write about her now ... real life, and that new play is summoning me. Que Sera ... JD told me "sera" is a form of the word, "to Be." He pronounced it -- oh my-- it delighted his mother's heart, to hear him say it so beautifully.

Actually it's a two character play, a possibility for JD as well as JC.

Mm ......

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