Thursday, April 30, 2009


Mrs. AR asks:
Would you read my book and tell me if there's a future for it?

I've had four husbands, not legal marriages, but men I've lived with. Each one is a love story. Should I send it to agents or publishers? I started writing my book three years ago and worked very hard to describe how we met, moving in together, me taking care of him, and why we broke up. I think lots of other women would benefit from reading my story.

Em says:
I'm not the right person to help you get it published. Get a list of agents, and try it -- write a letter to ten names. Then, try publishers. Try ten names. Work on a paragraph that tells what the book is about.

Clue: In reading your e-mail, what caught my attention was -- why does Mrs. AR think other women would benefit from reading her story? Is it a pattern -- four semi husbands, love, living together, breaking up? Is this pattern something you advocate, or do you think it's something others should avoid? Include this, perhaps, in your letter to agents, and publishers.

If you get replies, even if they're rejections, try more names. Keep trying. Don't let the rejections bog you down. Discouragement is part of the process.

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