Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We got CARS CARS CARS -- every couple of minutes on every TV channel, shiny, beautiful, sleek autos speeding, whizzing down empty beautiful country roadways.

And WOW -- maybe you'll get money for your clunker? Will
Congress put in another couple of billion to help the dealers who are helping car manufacturers who NEED to get rid of these cars, before they're bankrupt, before laws are passed that might make them ... OUT OF DATE?

Are you worried about the Clunkers? I am. Will the junkyard guy, whom I saw just ten minutes ago now on TV, inspire all the other junk yard guys to do what he's doing? He evaluates each new clunker, salvages the radiator, tires, battery, and crushes everything else ...

(... it got a little vague -- something was said about the crushed metal remnants being sent? sold? disposed of in other countries? where dealers buy the tangled crumpled chunk of metal? and do what with it? Make earrings, jewelry, wall decorations?)

And that nice junk yard guy -- suppose other parts of the car he evaluates are usable -- what does he do with those other parts?

It all sounds great, but do ALL dealers dispose of the clunkers, or re-sell them to ... ? who re-sell them to ... ?

I not sure we can trust those happy dealers who are finally selling the "new" cars that have been sitting in their showrooms for half a year. They're cutting the prices on cars that were OVER-PRICED, and bragging about great mileage on the highways -- "Wow... 24 miles...." which is NOT great.

Well ... who cares, price of gas is way down ... these days ...

Anyhow, I am not sure we should trust the car manufacturers who are helping the dealers who are helping you and me -- with helpers/advisors/emergency saviors, available 24/7, who are offering practically no interest, tiny down payments in a tiny paragraph at the bottom of the ad. It's a paragraph you can't really read but WOW the trade-in on your old car is free money and you'll have a new car that's all yours in ... 60 months ...

60 -- so five years from now you'll be whizzing down the country roadway in your chariot ... which ... MIGHT needs some uh ... repairs ...

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