Sunday, February 13, 2011


How to become an established actor and musical theater "star" is the question, Emily asks John Cullum.

Cullum tells what happened to him, when he arrived in NYC with a letter of recommendation from the head of the drama department at the University of Tennessee.

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Linda Phillips said...

Wow what memories. I bought ShowBusiness and a few other trade papers religiously and would spend a huge amount of time looking for anything that remotely looked promising.

I was the queen of auditions from the age of 3 through 18. LOL I had an agent as a kid so they sent me on a zillion auditions as well..but later on I did it on my own...Then I said...enough and studied interior design, which for me was a wise choice. ;-)

Had I had the talent of a John Cullum, maybe I might have gotten more work.