Thursday, February 17, 2011


This video is composed of brief scenes -- moments of dance captured from films, moments that I will never forget -- they're the best of the best.

Why this You Tube video is great is not just the choreography, which is wonderful, perfectly done, -- and it's not just the performers, who are wonderful, and absolutely deserve the recognition that they've got. The way this video was put together, edited, synced with the music is simply super marvelous.


steven cates said...

Wow, Emily! Oh, to be able to move like that -- I have always envied dancers this ability to express themselves. That is why the musical has always been my favorite form of entertainment - you can imagine yourself as one of the Jets leaping through the streets of NYC, or maybe you become Fred Astaire, whirling around with Ginger or Cyd in those glorious musical sequences. Heaven!

Linda Phillips said...

What a great video to see as the first thing today on my computer. Many of those films I have seen over and over...marvelous!!!!! You made my day!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well-done! And full of happy memories that made me smile.