Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I watch Judge Judy, and it relaxes me. I watch Judge Joe and I'm entertained.

Judge Judy's fake smile during her opening credits while Beethoven plays her theme song -- it's amusing. Her saucy remarks -- "I eat fools like you for breakfast -- this is my play pen, not yours, so close your mouth and put on your listening ears" -- I love her waspish comments and scoldings.

Judge Joe is more of a pal -- I like his intelligence, practical experience, his honesty and sense of humor. When litigants are acting really selfish or ridiculously greedy, Joe just tells the truth with a grin -- "you're wrong. -- you're being a boor."

Both shows have enough suspense to keep me involved. And take my mind off whatever I'm sort of not wanting to think about, or do.

I can have my own inner dialogue about the dumb-bunny plaintiffs or defendants complaining, um-umming, making mountains out of molehills. Even when the show's about a serious legal matter, I can take sides and not think about the serious bad stuff in the news -- every day messier/more so issues being spelled out for the White House, the nation, the whole damn world.

The best time for Judge Judy is at 10 p.m. when I'm winding down. Judge Joe perks me up in the middle of the day -- click -- there's down-to- earth friendly Joe Brown, giving good advice.

Judy inspires me to say what's on my mind when I'm answering annoying comments on my blog. And Joe, inspires me to pay attention to needy folks and say more constructive things.

Hey, a little Judy, a little Joe, and I'm refreshed. Sometimes, after a judge show, I can actually make a good decision about whatever I've been sort of mulling over in the back of mind.

Off goes the TV! On goes the light in my head!

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Linda Phillips said...

I have never seen Judge Joe and have seen Judge Judy on rare occasions, but she is hardly a part of my regular routine. I think she is immensely clever and has one amazing mouth on her.

What astonishes me is that we are the identical age. I believe that I am one day older than her. I find that scary, since I think I look years younger than she does. Anyway, she really is a pistol and I would hate to have her as a trial judge.