Saturday, September 10, 2011


Em wants to do a video blog about self promotion, and advise would-be artists about selling themselves.

John Cullum talks specifics, and describes how Em, back in the days when she was just a beginner, sold a dance duo, (herself and Mark Ryder), even though they had no program, no photos, or choreography.

"You sold yourself, alright -- you sold what you invented, Em."

Em admits she used her writing skills back then -- creating a brochure, a program with descriptions of the choreography. John reminds her that she even wrote reviews for the program she was selling before it existed.

As their discussion unfolds the story, Em wants her readers and friends to know that "selling" yourself isn't difficult if you sell what you believe in.


Anonymous said...

Delightful video! Loved hearing John sing a few lines from "Dream the Impossible Dream."
Emily-you are one of a kind-so so creative and determined! My father used to tell me..."Kathleen-if there's a will-there's a way." I believe that saying. Thanks for your great advice to a "newbie!" My dreams come from my heart. Now, if I can reach out, touch someone(sell it), and be given the chance to prove it-then I will sing the beginning line to the movie FAME...I feel it coming together-I want to live forever...God bless John and Emily-2 wonderful people of fame!
xoxo kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

You are a most amazingly resourceful person. The story of the typewriters is a hoot. When you did that initial promotion with Mark Ryder, you must have been very young--that should be an inspiration to young people today.

eddie rotten said...

The art of selling yourself is a dying bit of barter. I took my son job hunting last weekend and they all had online applications. Never once shaking his hand or appreciating his drive to walk in on his own. Now, showing the world who you truly are is like jumping through flaming hurdles around an ice skating rink. Even so, if it's not done, the variety of life and humanity would never be seen. The timeless joys of competition would never be performed, and those special people who work so hard to make those childhood dreams come true, might have never come to fruition. Your video is beyond accurate. The fact that you do it together is inspiring.