Sunday, September 4, 2011

WINNING (video)

"What makes a winner?" Em asks John Cullum.

His theories are usually objective. Em wants to know why John Cullum won -- got jobs, was able to build the career he built as an actor?

John says he's not a winner, but Em is certain that there's a special something that John Cullum has.

They discuss tennis winner Andre Agassi, who has expressed resentment about being pushed by his dad.

Em persists, and gets John talking about who and what pushed him -- what made him a winner.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is an enchanting moment with 2 WINNERS-you and John. Interesting how each of you perceive "winning, yet you both agree on the concept found in the magical formula! My heart is in writing a book which I've done and now I must hold fast and pursue my dream to publish and with luck...I might be a winner too! Great video about 2 TRULY GREAT PEOPLE!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Larry Enright said...

All the best to two winners who are obviously so happy to have won each other's heart!


Carola said...

I think winning is the wrong word--except in athletics. I think it's more like the focus you describe. I sometimes use the word Karma - but it's as if your own focus causes you to have good Karma.

Anonymous said...

Em, JC is a winner he found Emily and made her his partner in life. I have E. as my sweetie and everyday I feel I'm a better person because I have him as my partner. Of course it works both ways. xxxxxooo H.

eddie rotten said...

Success is inside everyone I believe. I also believe in fate and the lack of noticing it when it comes along. Adolescence gives us the opportunities to experience small doses of success. In John's case, there was maybe a tree that he climbed that ultimately gave him the spirit of success. And he probably thought, "I should climb a bigger tree". And through the years he's obviously honed his tools. Enough to where he could notice his pre-destined romance with Em. Congratulations! Success!