Saturday, December 3, 2011


Big question -- are we into an age of Nature's fury -- rains, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires, floods?

Em wonders if there is solution, and can't help thinking about Al Gore -- how he's been warning us for more than a decade, that many things we are doing on a daily basis, are causing weather woes.

The Cullums don't disagree, but Em worries, John, who isn't a worrier, takes things. handles things specifically as they happen.


Linda Phillips said...

Al Gore was right and sadly it looks like we are too late. Extreme weather is here to stay and as I have said before to friends...we have to get used to it!

Carola said...

I was staying with friends and came down early in the morning to discover their 10 year old son eating a bowl of cereal and watching the weather channel. He loves to watch the weather channel. I like to watch the weather channel's feature programs about climate change and storms and such. The Weather Channel has hold of the story of the new millenium and they are running with it.