Sunday, June 10, 2012


It's a major problem in New York City, a big deal for Em--cars passing with giant, multiple speakers blasting, neighbors in the buildings on either side of our building.

One neighbor especially. He plays loud rock and roll when he's playing with his various bed-mates.

The fact is, the reason why the Cullums own the building they live in, is NOISE.

Em had difficulty rehearsing in her dance studio when neighbors were playing music. When John visited the landlord to discuss the rent, which the landlord had been raising every year, he asked what would it cost to buy the building.

And bought it.


Jonathan Gunson - Writer. Illustrator. said...

I suggest playing a very, very loud LAUGH track while your neighbour is in action. Like SO LOUD he can hear it for sure. There's nothing like someone laughing to put someone off their.. er ... stride.



Anonymous said...

Great blog today! So cute when you both play each other and use a different voice. Yes, I don't like street or neighbor noise, but our street is quiet and very peaceful. No college students partying! kam

Linda Phillips said...

I so get it! I won't bore you with all of my NY horrors stories about noise and neighbors, except to say that the police had to be called a few times. Much, much drama involved.

Here at the beach in CA, its soooooooooo peaceful and quiet. I had a neighbor, who had an issue with my old TV and every night at nine PM....I had to lower it to a level that I could barely hear. How she was disturbed by it is a mystery, given where her house is in relationship to mine. Anyway, I bought a new HD TV a few years ago and apparently the location of the speakers is a huge factor and no more straining to hear my TV after 9 pm.

Anonymous said...

~Boy can i relate to this! My studio is seperated by 10 feet to either side from my neighbors,to my right,the guy who would be the wanna be contractor,nitetime in the garage noise,saws going till 10pm!many talks w/him,and to my left,morning noise,when they leave at 5:30 a.m. they start their car/truck stand around for 10 minutes yelling back and forth,laughing like there is no-one around for miles! again many talks and now signs "Please try and be quite people are sleeping",i guess they can't read!noise within reason i deal with,i was young once so i try and be neighborly,but as "neighbors" i feel have just gotten rude,forgotten about common sense,and just do what they want. . . . HEY,QUITE OVER THERE!!

Sudhin Choksey said...

Em, you are very fortunate to have John as your husband. He bought the house to ensure that you are not bothered about the neighbours loud music noise !!!!

Yes, i can relate to the frustrations of noise coming from neighbours house and especially when one wants to concentrate on reading or any such activity where mind be not distracted. I wonder what can be done except live with the noise or politely draw the attention and request the neighbour to play down the volume of music. But what if the neighbour is a rebel or sturbborn and does not want to reduce the volume ?

Peggy Bechko said...

I'm with the rest of the folks here - I can relate & this is why I live on 5 acres in the foothills away from town. Even here, our closest neighbor has a kid who periodically drives me crazy with her noise - the plus is we have a mailman and neighbors who take 'neighborhood watch' very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Noise is a bad subject, Em. Other people's noise is probably the thing that brings the most unpleasantness into my life,

Whether it's listening to one side of some inane cellphone conversation in a restaurant or enduring some proud young man's demonstration of his dynamite car speakers, (Kill da pohleece―Kill da pohleece), I can't deal with it―I have to physically remove myself from it. Probably that's one of the more glaring signs of the decline of good manners in our world today.

The best defense I've found is air purifiers in all the rooms where I spend any time and a glass of chilled white wine―white noise and a delicious buzz.

Anonymous said...

Julian Speed

Thats wonderful! :-) John bought the building to squash the noise that seemed to invade your home and personal space.

There are many options to deal with a noisy neighbor and many of them unfortunately have unintended consequences. Also depends on who, where, and how...

Im sure I would be hard pressed to execute a practical solution to deal with the noise in NYC.

Confront the noise maker and ask him or her to stop. Slim odds.

Contact the police.

Move or get the landlord to do something.

From time to time, but not that often, noise can be an issue in the burbs where I reside.
We do have a noise curfew so the law enforcement will come.

We definitely like to get away from the home on the fourth of July if you follow and hope to return to a home thats still standing.

I will confess that I was not the idea neighbor when I was in my twenties. Back then I had finished school, worked full time and DJ'd on the side. Late into the night I would hear banging sounds coming from the ceiling while I worked on my music sets. It was my neighbor nurse who probably just finished her late shift. That was her way of telling me to knock it off. I complied of course. Now looking back on that in hindsight I felt pretty bad about it and quickly learned to be a good neighbor and show some respect.

Maureen Jacobs said...

I suggest getting one of those air horns to blare in to their resident door when the quiet comes. Will get them every time.

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