Saturday, June 16, 2012


Em counts on John Cullum -- no matter what happens -- to handle emergencies.

Sometimes, when the Cullums go down the road for a spur of the moment vacation, and travel on dirt roads into deserted terrain, even when they're seriously lost, or stuck, and don't know what to do, John finds a way home.

They recall the night firemen on a cherry picker had to get them out of the 5th floor of their building.

The entrance was on fire. John calmly handled everything, even saved their dog.

The Cullums enjoy remembering, even though there was real danger.


Jonathan Gunson - Writer. Illustrator. said...

I think you need to rename John 'The Cavalry'

I'm thinking of all those cowboys and injuns movies I saw as a child - the cavalry always arrived just in the nick of time to save the settlers in the circle of wagons.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Good for you Em, having a hubby who is able to handle whatever is thrown at him. Adventurous. So fun.

Next time try car mats. In case you don't have rafts. Works in ice and snow as well.

You and JC are the most inspiring couple I have seen. So refreshing.

Love to you

Ira Rappaport said...

I enjoyed hearing about your snowy travails--although it was probably quite harrowing. The interplay between the two of you is endearing. A side-note, I've seen John onstage in many a musical including the original "On a Clear Day" and "On the Twentieth Century" and "Urinetown" among others. (somehow I missed "Shenandoah"--even though two of my Summer Stock friends were in it). My daughter also admires his work greatly. I look forward to reading more from your pen (and type), Ms. Frankel!

Anonymous said...

What a winning team you and John are! Great video describing heroic adventures you both have had. And John saved your dog when you had the building fire! Getting stuck in sand was something else and John achieved success and got your old car out. Such patience and cleverness. Thanks for sharing Em. kam

Peggy Bechko said...

You're an excellent team! - and glad you went back for the dog! :-)

Linda Phillips said...

You two never cease to amaze! The cherry picker incident must have been a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe JC was an early subscriber to the philosophy expressed in Rudyard Kipling's "IF", paraphrased and summarized below:

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
Then you'll be a man my son.

That's what separates the men from the boys… and the girls.

Peter Slidell said...

A knight in shining armor would never have any fun if there were not damsels in distress.

Sudhin Choksey said...

I agree with Linda.

You two are amazing and a very interesting couple !!

I can imagine the scare; the incident of fire, would have caused and the presence of mind JC used.

I admire both of you for the mutual respect and understanding you have for each other. YOu are a Great Couple i have come across.

Anonymous said...

Julian Speed
During my short stint in the military years ago while stationed in Germany;I met a good friend.

He was originally from Northern California and liked to skii and snowboard. So one weekend he invited me to go skiing and snow boarding.

I told him it would be a first for me and he assured me that I would catch on fast.

I initially thought-ok no problem. I'm athletic and seem to learn things sports related relatively fast.

That weekend we went to the bunny slopes aka the beginners slope. Although it was a beginners slope the weather conditions that day were not idea. The ground was slick and icy.

I fell just about everytime I went forward a few feet. It was not going well for me and my friend was fortunately a patient person.
At one point I came close to breaking my leg.

After nearly breaking my leg I told my friend Tran to enjoy the slopes and go snow boarding while I watched everyone.

I was later approached by a lady and her daughter and my German was not that good.
She asked me to ride the T bar and accompany her daughter. I told her I wasn't interested and she understood but insisted.

Being a nice guy I agreed to accompany her daughter on the T bar. I thought to myself nothing can go wrong. Just sit on the seat with her and we will be ferried to the other side in no time. Something did go wrong. My skiis caught the snow while the cable moved and we both fell off the T bar and crashed on to the ground. The mother and two other people came running to make her daughter was ok. We were both ok.

At that point I was ready to go. It seemed like Tran had a few good runs on the slope with his snow board. I told Tran we could go hang out with some girls and have fun. He agreed to leave after his failed attempts to get me to stay.

We ran into a US couple on a our way out who were in a somewhat similar situation. The wife was going to teach the husband how to skii. The couple tried to get me to stay after I shared my experience on the slope. The weather conditions were not idea and I thought they were crazy to skii on a slippery slope. I didnt tell them that but those were my thoughts.

That was my last adventure on the skii slopes if you want to call it an adventure.