Saturday, July 14, 2012


John Cullum, remembering his deluxe LX Camry, isn't sure?

Discussing what they've been learning from the advertisements they see every day, John says, "American cars, General Motors cars," and "electric."

Remembering her Acura Legend, Em chooses "electric" -- maybe a Cadillac.

It's a typical Cullum conversation. Each of the Cullums add reasons that unite them. They don't think about cost. They'd buy what's best for the environment.


Anonymous said...

Good blog today! I can just see you and John test driving new cars in NYC! Lol! How do you test drive in that city? I have a compact 4 door gold calvaliar car and love it. Had it 6 yrs and no problems. Would love to have that vintage old green wood paneled station wagon in the movie National Lampoon's vacation with Chevy that's a good old american car to talk about! kam

Linda Phillips said...

I do live in Ca and I drive a cheap 2003 Nissan Sentra. If I were buying a new car now, which I hope I will never have to do(my mileage is next to nothing and I only drive locally now). But in my dreamworld, where I could buy a new car, it would be a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid.

People who own them,love them and they are also adorable to look at, in my opinion.

Peggy Bechko said...

A great discussion folks. We ended up with a Toyota Prius hybrid - 50 mpg most of the time. So far can't find an electric only that has large enough radius in a full charge to be able to think in those terms - we'd be left in the middle of nowhere looking for a plug! Prius has been a great car....

Carola said...

I think it's too soon for people out in the boondocks like me to buy an electric car--not enough charging stations. I think I would still buy a Japanese or Korean car. But I might buy a Ford Focus--they are nice cars.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Love this one. Find it interesting that you even need a car in NYC. Parking can cost so much. I have had an Acura, which I loved. I now own a Scion, from Toyota. I have 8100 miles on it and I've had it 2 years.

I love that you are thinking green.


Anonymous said...

Julian Speed

Cars these days are almost ,but not quite, a perfected beast on all fronts imo. Question mark question mark with the Chevy brands though.

Ford, Toyota,Hyundai etc almost at the same level in some aspects... By perfected Im referring to the quality and durability. Most brands rather from the US or another country will run for a long time if you do the proper maintenance. There are a some exceptions. This is my opinion and Im sure there are those who beg to differ.