Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Cuddle means to hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection; to lie close, or snuggle, or nestle.

Moms cuddle babies; lovers cuddle; teenagers sometimes cuddle; cats and dogs cuddle; birds do it; other pets snuggle. I know from nature movies and visits to the zoo, that other animals cuddle.

I think, based on my own experiences, that cuddling is something you can do to make you feel calm, safe, less stressed.

If you’ve been with your loved one, your partner, for a long time, as I have, the calm, safe feelings comes with holding hands, or a quick kiss. Sometimes I visit my husband while he’s working, and rub his neck while he’s typing, or slide my arms down his shoulders carefully, so as not to mess up his work.

But cuddling, or being cuddled, by anyone else -- an acquaintance, or a stranger wouldn’t be pleasant, calm, safe, or soothing. It would be weird.

So when I saw this video clip – (it’s sort of like an advertisement made by a girl in her twenties, who will cuddle you for $50 an hour) – well, I blinked. I laughed and started wondering if this girl isn’t going to get slammed, severely criticized, shut down by police or some city agency when the complaints start piling up.

She isn’t licensed. Are rules posted? And gee, what about clean sheets, pillow cases, toilet and washing facilities? What happens if a client wants more than cuddling? What does she do if things get get weird?

Is cuddling a new way of earning money in these depression times? Is this a job you’d consider doing?

Hey, maybe this whole thing is a fun idea by an adventuresome, clever girl who wants to be famous. She’s figuring the video will go viral, or someone will make a big fuss – the media will grab it, and she’ll grab a great fifteen minutes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog! Cuddling sounds easy and a good stress reliever for people. I would have to be very desparate to cuddle with a stranger. i cuddle with my little dog and cat.I think it could be dangerous if the girl in the video was cuddling with a big strong man and he decides to have sex. Too weird for me. kam

Anonymous said...

I have cats for that.
And a husband.
If someone wants to pay someone to cuddle with them, or is willing to be paid to cuddle people, I say Go for it! Whatever makes you happy.
But there are dangers inherent in letting strangers into your home. And then up close to your body.
And does everybody have a shower before they cuddle?
I don't think I'd have the courage to do that, even if it appealed to me, which it doesn't.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Unknown said...

Ooookay? What next? Well I have to admit that cuddling is lovely. Alas, I no longer have anyone to cuddle with. I do get lots of virtual HUGS from friends online. I guess that is almost like a cuddle..though much briefer.

I have two delicious cats who show me affection in other ways, though cuddling is not part of their repertoire.

Would I pay a total stranger to cuddle me?????? Not a chance in hell! But I suppose it is a way to earn a living...well...maybe?

Good luck to her! ;-)

Barbara Ellen Brink said...

Em, thanks for sharing. It gave me a laugh. Totally ridiculous and hilarious! I think young people have too much time on their hands with this crappy economy/job shortage if this is what they come up. But if I had an extra hour a day just to cuddle, that would be called a nap...and it's FREE at my house:)

E P Vaughn said...

Snuggling with my soulmate, Beck, is just about my favorite thing in this world to do, except maybe eating her cooking.

However, I think the girl in the video will have to increase her rates by enough to hire a big ole security guard if she plans to stay in business for long.

The whole deal seems pretty far fetched to me.

Unknown said...

I would never cuddle with anyone except for my husband. I have been married for many years. I love my daughter and I cuddle with her but cuddling comes in different ways, it is a different type of cuddle.
This is a topic were you have different types of cuddles. Never really thought about it till I read this topic.

Gus said...

I'm a huggy bear (Antonio Fargas type). NOT desperate bear. No payment for a hug thank you. :)

Maureen Jacobs said...

Cuddling is wonderful. Unfortunately for me, I am always cuddled up with this damn iPad. Lol.

A gentle touch, or a wrap around hug, is soothing and comforting. I love to cuddle, especially on those cold nights in Florida. Okay, those three cold nights.

My boys still love to cuddle and I won't tire of it ever. They will, of course, not want anything to do with cuddling me soon. But it is inevitable they will find some other lucky girl to do so with.

Human touch is the most fundamental of all. It sets us right, makes us safe, and even soothes the soul.

Love today's blog Ms. Em.