Saturday, August 25, 2012


"How am I going to sell my six e-novels!" Em moans.

How to promote herself as a writer nags at Emily Frankel, who remembers, all too well, when they produced their own show on Broadway, in NYC.

The Cullums recall their venture at the Alvin Theater -- four Sundays and a Monday. The show, "Kings." consisted of "Oedipus," adapted and performed by John and a dozen actors; "Medea,"choreographed by Norman Walker, and performed by Emily and trio of other dancers; "Theseus and Hippolyta," a duet which John Cullum and Emily Frankel performed together -- it was dance drama written by Emily, based on Mary Renault's book about Theseus, "Bull From The Sea.".

The memories of selling tickets for "Kings" haunt Emily, but John Cullum's passionate, unwavering support of her work as a writer, perks her up.


Unknown said...

Dear Em and John or is it John and Em? I too have problems telling the two of you apart.

Anyway, I have read two of your wonderful books on my Kindle: Somebody and Karen of Troy.

It's so easy to just download them from Amazon in a few seconds. I assume the same would be true on Barnes and Noble as well.

I loved those books and even left glowing reviews of them on Amazon.

So take a trip over to Amazon and search Kindle ebooks and then search Emily Frankel and you too can share the same wonderful experience.

BTW, if you don't own a Kindle or a Nook, you can still download a free program from Amazon, which puts a Kindle on your PC and you can still read these books.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog and hard question to answer. You books are great and I have read them and don't understand why if they are not selling like you want. People are being too picky if you ask me. Maybe try a different approach to selling the books? Keep your chin up Emily and think positive! kam

Carola said...

I really believe younger people (under 40) are reading less. I am shopping for a laptop, and it is hard to find a brand that has good online manuals. The companies are resorting to instructional videos instead. I have also noticed that the prices of used sort-of-rare books are going way down, because nobody's buying anymore.

E. P. Vaughn said...

I think you're doing it just right, Em. You've created a great online persona and now it's just a matter of time.

Not enough patience perhaps? Rome wasn't built in a day.

Gus said...

Em, you are both still beautiful and crazy (in the fun way) after all these years. Tell John to pick up the phone and call his old pal, Paul Simon. He'll tell you how to sell your ebooks Em. He's an all 'round genius as you well know. Well John is too (a genius). So there you are! You are surrounded by geniuses -- the rest of us are surrounded by f*ol*

Maureen Jacobs said...

Selling is easy, I bought all of your books.


Selling is a part of our everyday. We sell ourselves to the world. We sell ourselves at work. We sell ourselves to potential mates.

I think marketing/advertising is where the true talent lies. I am always amazed at the caliber of ad men. They never cease to amaze me.

Em, you are the best and your books are as well.