Sunday, August 19, 2012


Though John Cullum loves to watch sports, Emily rarely sits through more than a quick look at the score.

Em wonders if he watches to root for the team, or because he has favorite sports heroes -- like Federer, Nadal, and Djockovic in Tennis.

John names his hockey, football, and baseball heroes, and explains why he admires them. He's amused when Em prompts him -- she not only knows the famous big names, past and present, but also most of the latest gossip about them.


Anonymous said...

Cute video today! Enjoyed listening to you and John discuss sports and famous players. John is an avid sports fan and watches sports alot, but when Emily walks in the room, you guys end
up watching Judge Judy! Lol! How wonderful you both enhance the other.... kam

Carola said...

I don't pay attention to sports either, but I do care about our baseball team, the Seattle Mariners, who after some great seasons in the mid-90s have been in the cellar ever since. We have sent some of our outstanding players to the Yankees: A-Rod, Ichiro, Freddy Garcia, Raul Ibanez. Seattle fans loved Ichiro so much that in his first game for the Yankees against the Mariners, the Seattle fans cheered him anyway.

Unknown said...

That was a very cute broadcast Em. I think most men can be called sports nuts. At least the ones in my life. I did a post on my own blog about kids and sport well kids and adults and sport. Anyway, good video, I enjoyed it :)

Gus said...

Em, John is missing out on the master game. It is called Cricket. Please tell young John that I think he has the stature and patience for our great English game. The great Robin Williams (master comedian) refers to it as "baseball on speed". :)!

Anonymous said...

I used to be a hardcore sports fan. I watched college football and basketball, pro football and basketball, Wimbleton US Open, boxing and so much more.

Now I will occassionally catch a game here and there.

I think many individuals watch sports for relaxation and to get away from whatever they are trying to get away from. Others watch it to marvel at an athlete's well honed skills and finesse.

We would like to think its honest, pure and all about team effort. Lets not forget about the comraderie.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Soccer and baseball are my faces, but going a year without watching a game does not phase me. I am blessed with a non sports nut. For that, I am thankful.

JC is so funny. You two amaze me.