Sunday, October 28, 2012


Em teases John Cullum for being a computer dunce. He can repair car motors, watches, appliances.. What is it about his computer that turns him off?

 John figures the upgrades are driving him crazy. Just as he learns a routine, it gets changed.

Em mentions her YouTube, and Google grievances -- the basic things have become more complicated and at the same time, more limited.

It bothers John that when he gets stuck he has to visit Em, to get whatever it is fixed, so that he can continue searching for something he wants to buy online.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys. I agree. Computers should be more user friendly.
As people get older, graduate from school, get a job, they don't have time to constantly be learning new programs, routines, devices.
How many people know how to program their dvd? I'm not sure we even have VCRs any more. We have 13:00 flashing on one of our many devices hooked up to the tv.
And when we had a problem with our surge protector, the plug in gadget you plug all your devices into so that hpthey don't get fried in a lightning storm, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about which plugs plugged into where.
And when you take your malfunctioning computer to a computer tech, they MAY fix it on the assumption that you practice the same habits they do.
ie. My hard drive died so I had it replaced. The tech set the new comp up so that it would update every morning at 3am.
Unfortunately, I don't leave my comp on awake mode when I go to bed. So it was in sleep mode when the updayes were scheduled to take place. After 6 months of no updates, it was crippled.
My son, who is also a comp tech, che ked it over and fixed it. It took 9 hours of updates.
Now it works fine, but I have to check for updates and manually do it.
Thanks for the opportunity to vent!
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

I'm with John. My Julie Anne has to put up with my rants and raves --- really trying but sometimes want to angrily howl at the moon in this digital world: emoticons, icons, links, settings, HTMLs, on and on... A ten-year old knows more about this 'new' world than I, and therein lies my fretting.

Best to you both and Em's Talkery.

Billy Ray

Carola said...

I also hate it when software (or hardware) changes --just after I finally got really good with the old version! I try to be a late adapter of software. I ran out to buy a new computer with Windows 7 just before Windows 8 came out, so that I don't have to deal with Windows 8 for a few years. I do think, though, if I try to be patient with myself and my computer, I can see improvements in the new things, not just manipulation to get me to buy something new.

Anonymous said...

Cute video Em. Enjoyed you and John making fun of him and what he does to handle computer problems. It is harder today to digest all the new fangled things and know what keys to hit and not to hit. It is frustrating to all of us.

Anonymous said...

It's true...Microsoft loves to come up with new Operating Systems...and when they do and you get a new computer...half the time you need to buy all new peripherals, as the old ones won't work in the new system.

Poor JC! He's lucky that he has Em the puter fixer right down the hall!

Linda Phillips

Peggy Bechko said...

LOL, I'm with you. Computers are amazing - as a writer it's great you can revise, etc. with ease. But changing the programs makes me crazy. On top of relearning whatever it is, frequently the programs won't interact when one is updated, then you have to get 'patches' or whatever. And John's right, the manipulation is pretty much infuriating -

Gus said...

There is a new window system out this week. Perhaps that's the one for you, guys & gals. :)

gus said...

If you vote Obama on Tuesday, I shall send John a personal computer all the way from London. Our world would be so safe then too! :)

محمد said...

Cute video ^_^ god bless you