Thursday, October 4, 2012


Behold, and laugh – Dizzy dog , Motherly Cat, Two babies talking - millions saw the video clips and delighted in them.

I'm part of the millions. But seeing 'em alienates me. The visions stick in my mind like Gorilla Glue. I remember someone emailed me a video clip of a teeny-tiny piglet that was following its mistress around devotedly as if it were a grown up normal size pig.

Yes, It was cute. Yes, I enjoyed watching it, Yes, it distracted me from what I was busy doing. Yes, millions of others were distracted from their work and thought it was cute and loved watching it.

I don't want to be in sync with them. Or laugh, be fascinated, or get tears in my eyes by a video of a cat tenderly tending to baby chicks, or some tiny darling little or big creature whose behavior intrigues and entertains everyone.

Who is everyone? Everyone means any person who might, at some point, visit my blog – read my words -- read 'em every day, twice a week, once a week, or just read what I write every once-in-a-while.

I carefully pick subjects that concern me, and what concerns me (when I tune into the world and tune out of my own private sphere) is, more or less, on the minds of everyone whom I more or less know. The typical subjects -- politics, celebrities, health, welfare, education, crime -- all of them affect me, but I want to think my own thoughts, and NOT be conditioned by what others say is important.

Yep, the motherly cat was amazingly tender -- it hit me hard. The pig was adorable -- I fell in love with it for a minute or two, but viral videos are viral. They're fascinating, but they are viruses -- an infection, a bug, a disease -- and if I start loving the viral videos that everyone else loves, the bug/ infection/ disease is going to infect my attitude about other things. Ohmygawd – like award shows (can't stand them) -- like sitcoms -- ohmygawd, if I'm infected, I'll laugh with the canned laughter --. I'll laugh when actors do the pause, that cue that tells the audience "LAUGH."

Was it last month -- the Prince Harry viral video? It was actually very funny to see Harry jumping into a pool, Harry hiding his private parts. And every day there are other viral things -- politician with foot in his mouth, babies falling in love, old folks stumbling -- all sorts of ridiculousness that get us laughing, laughing, and laughing ...

Hey, laughter isn't a deadly disease. I guess maybe this sour-grapes blog is the only way I can bring myself to admit that I wish one of my blogs could go viral, like this video someone sent me yesterday.


Peggy Bechko said...

I hear you, Em and I can relate - yes, they're cute and entertaining and distracting - maybe too distracting. I'm frequently touched or amused when I receive one from a trusted source & just have to watch. But one does have to question, does all this amusement and distraction, well, distract from things that do deeply affect us as you pointed out above.

Anonymous said...

That little pig is cute, but he can't sing or play worth a dang.
Just like the little pig's manager, I use the internet as a reward system. Work for a few hours, then have a little break. Go on the 'net, read, listen to music, see beautiful pictures people have posted, tweet with friends and people I have just met from all over the world.
Virals and the internet can eat up your time. But they're OK in small doses.
And they're fun.
Just like chocolate cake. : )))
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Carola said...

I never open videos or attachments that friends send me--partly because I'm always in a rush when I'm on the PC, and partly because I'm afraid of getting a PC virus.

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

The 'pass it on' virals irritate me...

My nine amazon books selling like crazy is a virus I can live with very nicely! Anyone care to get that virus started --- and it's okay to 'pass it on.'

Billy Ray

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog Em. I enjoyed the piglet video but not as good as some I have seen. I understand you not wanting to be one of the millions watching a viral video. you want to keep your uniqueness and be an individual.
So do I! kam

kitjoegia said...

I know how many cute Youtubes can we endure.People are not living their lives but living through other people's.

Unknown said...

I can relate too Em. Those video’s are very distracting.You’re not alone in wishing that your blog would go viral...I think we all want that. Don’t we?