Saturday, October 6, 2012


Em reveals that John Cullum loves grits.

For him they are soul food, something he can cook himself and eat at anytime of the day or night.

John, the actor, shoemaker, Agnes the maid, explains how grits has been part of his life, all of his life.

He describes various ways grits can be seasoned. He mentions that there can be problems.

Demonstrating his actual cooking procedures, John mentions a grits horror story.

Then, despite Emily’s covered ears, John tells his “horror” story.


Peggy Bechko said...

Yum, grits, raised in FL after moving there from midwest at very young age- love them with eggs - transplanted to NM and love green chili cheese grits. Delicious -- but can be flat and pasty if prepared wrong. John is so right, it picks up the flavor of what you put it with. And don't forget cream of wheat - crispy fried noodles w cinnamon sugar grandmother's specialty

Barbara Ellen Brink said...

You guys crack me up! I had grits for the first time when I went to college for a year down in Florida. All the southern kids were putting butter and salt and pepper on them and me, being from the "normal" side of the country, thought they looked like MaltOMeal, so I did the milk and sugar thing. Hot cereal is hot cereal when you're a starving student:)

E P Vaughn said...

Truly enjoyed the piece. It made me hungry.

Like most southerners, I do enjoy grits. I'm not obsessive about them like a lot of us though. There's a worn out cliché among folks I know that says a southerner can't travel in the north, because they don't serve grits. That's a lot of baloney as far as I'm concerned―just people trying to be narrow minded.

Remember, grits need to be swimming in butter, (No substitutes allowed.) Also plenty of salt. I never said it was a healthy habit. Keep'em cookin', JC.

There's a great grits discussion in My Cousin Vinnie. Here's a link to it.

Unknown said...

Ok, I don’t that we have grits here, but your video had me cackling! I think John needs a container to store his cream of wheat. It keeps any livestock from getting into it lol.So funny! Now I want to find some grits! Thanks Em and John :)

Barnabus Bailey said...

Chili cheese grits - mmmm, inspired to tinker with that! I'm thinking a machengo or jack cheese? What's interesting about grits is how they take on VERY regional tramsformations. I first had shrimp and grits in a pubhouse in Annapolis. It had a slight bay seasoning that I loved and a sausage component added. When I began my quest to make this dish my own, I took that southern Maryland local seafood lust into consideration. I actually boil the grits and add a bay crab boil seasoning that just adds a VERY nice flavor.