Sunday, September 30, 2012


John Cullum thinks that today’s cell phones are “chic,” very much in vogue but annoying, and bewildering. Chic clothes are not his cup of tea, and ads make many current “chic” things seem ridiculous.

Though Emily Frankel is bothered by many of the same things, as they chat, both of them realize that most of the very latest things that they don’t really understand are the super popular ideas -- the super popular stars, and the entertainment events that the young, younger generation are excitedly exploring.

No doubt about it, it’s demoralizing.



Anonymous said...

The topic today is "What Do You think about Chic Things?"
Living out in the country, with mud, horse manure and dog poo, I wear Barnyard Chic. Duck boots, jeans, an old jacket to keep hay out of my cleavage, and a broad hat plunked on my head to keep off the sun. Few people can compete with that.
In my infrequent visits to cities, mostly Toronto, but recently Munich, I've seen all kinds of chic.
To me, chic means style that is implemented exclusively to impress. And as a byproduct, to display status.
To me, cell phones are not chic. They're an essential piece of technology that helps people stay connected with family and friends.
Like sunglasses, clothing and cars, however, they can be as glammed up as necessary to reflect the unique and enviable qualities of the holder.
In my recent travels, I've observed that there are so many kinds of cliques, rages, fads and sects in the world, that there is no longer a stereotype of chic.
Greta Garbo was chic. Coco Chanel was chic. Is Madonna chic? Lady Gaga?
The new chic is stylistically undefined.
A kid with his pants hanging around his ankles can pull out the latest in cell phone tech.
The package is incomplete. You rarely see (or I, living in the sticks) a gorgeous specimen of the human race, scream up to the curb in their Porsche, step regally out of their pristine vehicle, whip out and don a pair of designer sunglasses, and run into the arms of a likewise perfect specimen of the opposite sex. Or in some cases, the same sex. As long as they are buff and perfectly attired.
Or maybe you do see said gorgeous human specimen. But only in perfume commercials.
So chic. Still around? Attainable?
Maybe. If you're James Bond.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Unknown said...

Em, there is nothing chic about a hamburger. So don't worry.

I used to work in a field where I needed to dress well....also I used to care very much about clothing.
Today, my life has changed drasticaly and what I wear is a very minor factor.

However, on the subject of phones...I have had a cell phone sice 1993, out of nessecity. For the past few years, I was absolutely dying to have a Smart Phone. I seemed to be the only one I knew who didn't have one and I adore all thing electronic...especially little gadgets (John would hate me..LOL). A few months ago, I finally did get a really nice Android phone. No it's not an IPhone, but it looks a lot like one and it has all kinds of features that are fun to use. For example, I can be waiting in a doctor's reception area, and talk to my friends on Facebook. Am I chic or what? LOL

Linda Phillips aka Unknown

Carola said...

I'm always brought up short when I travel from my small Pacific NW city to a large city like NY. Suddenly I am surrounded by chic. Sometimes yesterday's chic becomes chic again. I remember being surprised by the "little black dresses" worn by very young women on the Lower East Side. I thought those LBDs melted into the background long ago, but now they are back.

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

'Chic' is the first four letters in 'Chicken' as in 'Chicken Little' and 'the sky is falling.' There are times in this old body when 'chic' is just another word-shortener for that utterance.

For an 'old dog' who never really learned too well the 'old tricks,' the digital realities of today spell progress and some new chic, but they have also make us less informed about our world and what's happening in it...the gadgetry is all neat, good and bad information at the fingertips, and a fairly good indication that 'machines really are taking over the world.'

Guess I like the old chic better than the new chic --- but, then, that would be expected from a generational anomaly.