Monday, October 8, 2012


How many times have you heard about wrinkles -- frown lines, dark circles, what you have to buy, to use, to do in order to look better, younger.-- all those things you must do for hair, lips, legs, hands, feet, fingernails, toes, eyelashes, and cellulite?

Are they lies? Um ... uh ... well ... They're ads -- ads are a presentation of proven facts or possible facts that will convince to you buy the product.

Do they work? Well, If you buttered your wrinkles, you might see improvement. You'd see improvement if you iced them, or covered them with makeup. If your did specific exercises for the area you want to improve they'd look better -- better if you are in a frame of mind to see "better," not worse.

The more you see, the more you study, the more passionately concerned you are -- to maintain, to improve, to fix what looks older than yesterday.

A long (short) time ago, the day before my thirtieth birthday, I bought "Second Debut," a moisturizer that was hugely touted on TV -- green bottle for normal, average skin, pink bottle for dry, mature skin. I bought two pink bottles from Macy's.

Staving off "after thirty " -- doomful words that advertisements, friends, relatives, even doctors murmur – I used Second Debut every morning and evening for -- gee, how long? -- at least a year. A dancer friend, whose dad was a dermatologist, gave me a tube of Retinol 2.5, (stronger than anything you can buy at a drugstore). I tucked it away -- I didn't have any wrinkles but sometimes a frown line appeared on my forehead. .

I still have a squeezed-out tube 2.5 Retinol, and an almost empty bottle of "Second Debut." I still look ... well ... I look um... not head-to-toe young, but my face and general shape is fairly, nicely, more than adequately okay.

Okay, here's the nitty gritty: I ignore compliments or advice from friends. I ignore all "look younger" latest products, and aphorisms. I wear makeup only when I make videos, or attend my husband's showS. I remove it with a few daubs of inexpensive Johnson & Johnson baby oil.

Remember the tooth fairy? One of her sisters resides in my house.

With her help, I pay attention to what I eat. I stay in shape by doing all my chores using my body as much as possible, the way I did when I was thirty -- bending, lifting, reaching, climbing, hurrying, standing tall. The fact is, most of the other doomful things -- dark circles, bags, cellulite, wrinkles, hair loss and other un-prettifying things that come with growing older, have more or less happened to me.

Boo-hoo, YAY! My eyes don't see as sharply as they used to. Therefore, when I see a wrinkle, I race to another mirror, where I chat with the wrinkle fairy.

She comforts me with nice, gently truthful, more than adequately comforting words that always make me feel better.

If you're worrying, fretting, seeing all the things about yourself that are falling apart, close your eyes tight; think back to the days when you believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and you can summon the help-you fairy -- it can be a he, she, or a stuffed toy kind of IT -- it's there. it's still in your house, it still lives in your mind. It will make you feel nicely, more than adequately okay.


susanmeade said...

For my wrinkle problem, I personally had a fraxel skin resurfacing in Toronto two years ago. My doctor was professional and experienced and so the results were amazing. This treatment really made me look younger by several years. In my opinion, fraxel is one of the most effective methods for wrinkle removal these days!

MartaSzabo said...

Thanks, Em. Here again, I feel like saying me too. I too take pleasure in moving in the most ordinary ways, feeling like it makes a difference when I pick something up off the floor, reach to a high shelf, pick up something a bit heavy. My mother is 88 and that's pretty much what she did -- just kept living and walking and doing -- and she's spry. She never did much with her face, and I try to keep mine going. It looks worst when it's being examined by me in a mirror. It looks best when it's in motion, talking to people who are just looking into my eyes, wrapped up in whatever it is we are enthusiastically talking about.

Peggy Bechko said...

Of course you can feel okay - as my Grandfather told me - you get older or you don't. If you get older you'll eventually show some signs of that experience in life. The other alternative isn't one we want to explore too early.

So, do I worry about wrinkles? Nope, they're smile lines and experience line and happy lines. Do I use cream and such to keep my skin supple? You bet! Do I listen to ads that promise the world - Ummmmm, no!

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

No 'lifts, tucks, and creams' for me --- these wrinkles and sagging skin mark my days on this orbiting planet.

Anonymous said...

I don't use wrinkle creams, because they don't work. Outside in the sun a lot, I do use a makeup base with an spf and always wear a hat.
Growing old gracefully means ignoring your wrinkles.
Being a mother figure would not have been my first choice in life, but it's what my nature stuck me with. I would far rather have been an irresistible sex kitten.
Didn't work out.
But no matter what we were, if we don't die young and beautiful, we age. And we show it.
So my conclusion has been; be the best whatever you are.
Enjoy your life. Don't worry too much about how you look. Because if you're dismayed at 30, 40, 50, 60, imagine how you might look at 90.
When I was young, I thought that when I grew old I wouldn't care how I looked, and would become a foil for the young girls. Whether or not I really wanted that to happen, it has. Not the former, the latter.
I'm comforted by the fact that everyone grows old. There is no scientific fix for it yet. And it probably wouldn't be fair to the young ones, to have a bunch of gorgeous experienced women to have to compete with.
But realistically, if there ever is, I'll be one of the first in line!
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely fortunate. My skin has no wrinkles and I am about to turn ________ (older) in a few weeks.

For years I used the finest Lancome and Borghese skin products. Even when I was really broke, I would find discount places that sold Lancome.

I never use soap on my face....I use a cleanser for mature, aging...whatever skin. I stopped using all of those products many years ago.

On the very, very rare occasion that I wear make-up, I will use moisturizer.

I stopped siting in the sun 30 years ago. I think that helped. Mainly I think I am just blessed with great skin genes. I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE WRINKLE!

BTW, Em you are in fantastic shape!

Linda Phillips/aka Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well Em I still believe in Santa Claus so I
don't worry about wrinkles and growing old. Each new challenge brings more spirit and strength to my inner soul. I would end up eating the cucumbers instead of putting them'on my eyes! Lol! kam

Unknown said...

Well, I don’t wear makeup either unless I’m going out, out. Not just to the shops or wherever. I don’t really used creams. I use make up wipes to take off my make up when I do wear it. I try not to look in the mirror too much though lol

Gus said...

The best remedy for youthful looks and disposition is [are?] S&S (Sleep and sex). That is to say, find time for a lot of sex and a lot of sleep. They other so called remedies are just gimmicks.

Wrinkles said...

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