Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky ...." Ethel Waters sang it back in 1933. The tune, the lyrics, are ringing in my mind today.

It's not stormy weather. My man and I are together, but the attacking, selling, yelling that's been going on, is still echoing. Maybe it's fading, but it's echoing and drowning out my personal thoughts.

All the bad stuff from hurricane Sandy is reverberating. And tax cuts, national debt, jobs, immigration, global warming, guns, sick veterans, voter's rights, etcetera -- all those important things -- same list, same words that were repeated, ranted, chanted day after day for more than a year -- all that is echoing.

The ordinary things I do every day, I can go back to doing -- hey, I'm doing them -- but I don't feel much of anything about the latest things I'm hearing about in the new news.

I just can't seem to find what I want to focus on as a blogger -- as Em -- as a writer, who grabs onto current moods, current ideas in the air and talks about them.

I am sort of enjoying the post election unwind -- the blaming, reversing, painful recriminations of the various oh-so-sure secondary-guys, advisers, pollsters, money-men, who aren't celebrating the BIG WIN they predicted.

I don't really want to see the faces of the losers or hear them, though I do, sort of, feel sorry for Romney, the super-successful guy, who has always managed to go after and get whatever he wanted, but didn't win the big, biggest prize. I don't think he's had much experience as a loser. My own experiences with losing have taught me to back away, for a good long while, from the rehashing of what went wrong.

I can't help wondering what Sarah Palin is cogitating with that self-centered mind of hers that knows how to convert reality into action -- personal action -- that will focus people on her vision of what the country needs now and will need in 2016.

Immediately, I think of Hillary, our remarkably excellent Secretary of State, whom I love and admire. I'm hoping -- golly, I hope after a rest, she'll start focusing her ideas, her passionate thoughts about what she wants to happen for herself and for the country in 2016.

Hey, I'm jabbering.  This isn't a blog, it's a "jabberog" -- I guess it's only way I can focus on my ideas, my thoughts about what I would like to happen tomorrow.



Peggy Bechko said...

Fascinating rumination, Em, I enjoyed it. Know what you mean on many fronts. I'm just backing away a bit myself for now, even blocking out the 'fiscal cliff' shrieks.

Think we need a law that says if it doesn't get fixed without major disaster then congress doesn't get paid, or any of their other little happy perks - it's not just a job to be milked for benefits, it is their responsibility. The whole mess is more than annoying.

Carola said...

I find the election unwind fascinating too, but only too soon will begin all the fierce battles over budget, Sec'y of State, etc.

Anonymous said...

THINK POSITIVE EM! I have high hopes for you and your blogging. Keep smiling and try not to dwell on all the bad stuff going on. Put on a HAPPY FACE! kam

Unknown said...

I enjoy your blogs Em. I don’t really understand about your politics but I guess it’s the same in any country that has two major parties . I often wonder what the two parties could achieve if they all stopped trying to win the race and see what they could do if they put their heads together. A little like a three legged race.