Sunday, November 11, 2012


As close as they are, John Cullum and Em realize they function very differently, and have areas where they aren't really compatible.

Even so, their conflicts over things like religion and money never turn into arguments.

They both conclude, despite differences in their ideas about very important things, they are in fact, soulmates.


Billy Ray Chitwood said...

As older married couples having lived our particular lives, we are simply experiencing a true life drama. We are in the third act of a three-act play. Our propensities take us to different places in Act One, perhaps different marriages, some dalliances; still searching for a nebulous fulfillment toward the end of Act Two, we meet each other and find some relative peace and a comforting love; in Act Three, we see the assets and the liabilities of each other and learn to live with them, recognizing the beauty of each and the value of our lives together --- soul mates, good friends, companions, and a love built on the ashes of our former selves.

Carola said...

I think being able to laugh with each other and also to laugh AT each other in a mutually enjoyable way is a sign of soul-mates. And you demonstrated that in this video.

Linda Phillips said...

If ever there were Soul two are the very definition of the term and I love watching the way that you interact!

Anonymous said...

Great video and blog today! Makes me smile and warms my heart to see and hear you talk about being soulmates. You are a classic pair and your love radiates from both of you for each other. LOve is a many splendored thing.....kam

Anonymous said...

Hi Em and John. Another very interesting topic.
I think that my husband and I are soulmates despite the fact that we don't like the same tv programs, books or food.
We agree on religion, a love of animals, gardening, old houses, art and many other things.
Very bad times did not break us, nor good times ruin us.
Although there are many aspects of each other that make us both grit our teeth, in the end, we enjoy each other's company.
I'm constantly cracking jokes, and John laughs at them, which encourages more jokes, and makes me feel good.
We are opposites of each other, but we complement each other. One person's weakness is the other's strength, and between the two of us, we joke that we make a genius.
Thank you for thinking of this most excellent topic. It gave me a chance to count my blessings.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter