Saturday, November 17, 2012


Em loves the sneakers that John, the shoemaker, keeps repairing for her -- they're noiseless, lightweight, and enable her to "sneak around."

John's likes sneakers that are good for playing tennis, even though he doesn't play tennis nowadays. His favorites are a pair of well-broken in, old sneakers that are easy to put on or take off.

Em's won't wear puffy, over-fancy sneakers, or one's that are emblazoned with the name of the manufacturer.  John isn't interested in sneaker styes, just convenience and comfort.

That sneakers have evolved from inexpensive deck shoes, to fancy, expensive ones, named after famous athletes, relates to the way the Cullums themselves have evolved.


Anonymous said...

There's an old saying, 'No foot, no horse.'
My husband and I do a lot of walking, so we r always on the lookout for a comfortable walking shoe.
We do buy Air Nikes when we can find them, Acers, I think the name is, makes good shoes.
These are well designed and very light.
I agree with Em. I don't like wearing clothing with labels, but the shoes are available in black and the logos r not evident.
I probably spend more money on shoes than any other item of clothing. They'll wreck you feet if you wear them after they break down.
Walking is one of the best and most gentle exercises there is, and I hope to keep walking until the day I die. The way to ensure that is by continuing to walk every day, and taking care of one's feet.
Strangely, this humble subject is one that excites me.
I could go on and on, but the lesson in a nutshell is, 'Take care of your feet, and your feet will take care of you.' :-)
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

Very cute and interesting blog today. Your feet are very important and comfort is a big
issue I think. It doesn't matter the brand as long as the shoe fits-wear it! Shoe repair takes a skill and John has it all. Thanks for sharing. kam

Linda Phillips said...

I need very specific sneakers that are walking shoes and made by New Balance. They have rockers....whatever they are. I wear leg braces due to a neuromuscular disorder and these are the ones I am told to wear. They do have an N on the side,but it's the same color as the sneaker.

They are simple and unobtrusive. Lately though I am having more and more trouble tying them among other issues and need to find a similar pair with velcro instead of laces.

I was never a sneaker person in my earlier life....but frankly it makes life a lot easier not to have to make choices in shoes anymore.

Anonymous said...

Old-fashioned "sneak around" sneakers are still available from the original maker: Keds. Here's the Web address:

Carola said...

I depend on sneakers with a Dr. Scholl's insert as my primary shoes. I need the support, but I also need the flexibility in the toe-box that sneakers (as opposed to Oxfords) provide. I don't care about branding or even bright obnoxious colors as long as I can walk long distances without leg-pain or foot pain. I replace them about once a year, because the heels and soles wear out and my leg-stance gets misaligned.

Unknown said...

I wear Asics cross trainers at the moment because that’s what’s recommended for the class I do. I do like a comfortable insert and not one that’s too flat. Very cute post Em and John :)