Monday, January 14, 2013


Find out about MOOCs.

It's the acronym for Massive Open On line Courses. MOOC is a new term for education that's all of a sudden hot, written about in the NY Times, Time Magazine, and dozens of other online sources. 

Why would you (or I), want to go to a school and learn something new?

Perhaps, because you (like me) sense that being busy the way you are now, is not shaping up into a money-earning career -- not leading you anywhere -- not really inspiring you to do more than more social networking.

Social networking is activity that sort of connects you with other people who sort of want to connect with other people because ... well, they're ... WHAT? Bored? Not challenged? Feeling old, out-of-date? Useless? Lonely?

Hey guys, what you do in your spare time can make big a difference -- new thoughts, new activities can perk you up.

At present, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have more than 370,000 students signed up for their start-up courses; most of the other big name universities have start-up courses. MOOCs are getting bigger than Facebook.

Since it won't cost you anything except time, (MOOCS are free), you ought to take a look. You'd meet other people -- students, like yourself, as well as teachers. You'd have activities, quizzes, possibly a trial project to play with.

LIKE WHAT?  Just about anything that sparks for a second or two in your mind.

Robots fascinate me; the latest things in electronics amaze me. Things I already like to do occasionally -- humble stuff -- like growing plants, helping kids, cooking, big dreams like writing a play or poetry. Maybe you like pets, old movies, celebrities, games -- maybe you'd like to be able to play the piano, or write a hit song.

Why not joke around with it? Got a dream about making a movie about how you're feeling these days -- that sense of tiredness -- the fact that nothing seems as important as it used to feel?

Try this: Blink -- ask yourself what interests me? Do the blink-what-interests- me routine six times, and listen to your innermost whispers.

Boink! It just hit me!.  I study MOOCs -- if I learn more, I could become a MoocAdviser someone you contact when you're trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.


Peggy Bechko said...

Fascinating - I didn't know they had a label - I usually wander around searching online for a tutorial or class or workshop when I need to learn something new - like Photoshop - lots of info online and most of it is actually helpful - at least I've found it so, so far.

Carola said...

At first I didn't think these were a good idea for university education, but as I think about it and read what professors are saying, these probably can work well in certain subjects.

Deleted Person said...


Anonymous said...

VERY COOL! Thanks, Em! Years ago I took free university classes, where I had to GO somewhere, but this is even better!

I am a FIRM BELIEVER in life-long learning!

I've already shared this info with my partner/best friend/roommate/non-specified significant other, and I'll also share it on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

"What to do that is better than what you're doing now."
Hi Em, and EveryOne.
When I first saw the above heading, I thought,'Whoa!I've got all my plates in the air. I'm doing the best I can. I don't want or need to do anything more than I am.'
Which is; taking care of a house, husband, part time job, all our critters, keeing an eye out for our children, staying abreast of current affairs, having fun on twitter when there's time, walking our dogs every day, cross country skiing when there's snow, and writing a novel and short stories.
But when I saw the video on MOOCs, I thought, 'Wow! That's great! On-line learning for the rest of your life.'
Although I think I am already involved in a MOOC of sorts, as I follow writers on twitter, read their writing advice and, having finished the second edit on my novel, have put it away for awhile, bellied up to my favourite website for writing prompts and picked out some this morning to start a new short story.
But MOOCs remain interesting. I would like to know, and will eventually need to know how to format a digital manuscript for amazon kindle e-books. So maybe a MOOC will help there.
And maybe I need to research MOOCs myself in order to better understand them. They sound terrific!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful information, Em. There is nothing I like better than learning and interacting with other people. : )))
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! Maybe when I get bored I will try MOOC's and see what happens. Thanks for sharing this informative blog. kam

Anonymous said...

We all have dreams which come and go. I never really has a big dream till 2000 when I was told I had cancer, and all the surgeries that came afterward. It was then I started writing short stories or stories, I am not a good editor but story writer with a super imagination yes I do. Anyway I told the lord or the man above if ever I sold enough books or one became well known I would help others.
My books never done well and I was took advantage of three people. I was upset and almost give up. I thought I will get writing and not give up on my stories. Maybe just maybe some might like tattoo granny a comedy and a heart touching story. I wrote two
I have trouble with editing and my words come out like I talk. I am simple and down to earth no one special just a big hearted person.
When we get old we surely know we will die one day, who on this earth thinks they will live forever, well not here on earth. I nearly died three times in my life and I know what it is like to come down to death's door and be pushed back.

I know my comments get a bit off from the topic but I write the way I feel. I hope you have a wonderful evening.