Saturday, April 6, 2013


John Cullum explains that computer games relax him -- especially the card game, "Solitaire." Also, when he's not actively working on a show, John loves to putter -- repairing, taking things apart, making them function, better gives him real pleasure.

The Cullums know all too well, that your work is never done when you're in a show -- it has to be performed again, freshly, tomorrow. That's why a favorite time-wasting activity is working on things that can be accomplished -- actually finished.


Carola said...

When I first retired, I felt compelled to keep busy. Then I had a vision of sitting in a cafe in Greece and just people-watching, or sitting in a lawn and just watching the grass grow (or just watching an ant crawl up a blade of grass). I realized that for me it is healthy to "zone out" for periods of time. Waste time.

Linda Phillips said...

Em, it's always a delight to hear about the day to day things that you and John do.

I too play games on my computer. I play basic Solitaire as a means of relaxing. I also play Backgammon, a game that I am rather good at and have loved playing for many years.

A few years ago, I discovered that Microsoft includes a live Backgammon game that you play anonymously with real people from anywhere in the world. I hate playing Backgammon against a computer and this is so much better and more challenging. I tend to play at all crazy hours so I love guessing where my opponent might be located.I like to imagine that the person that I am playing against is in China or some other remote country.

If you are at all interested, it is just a basic game that comes on all PC's from Vista on up.

Peggy Bechko said...

relaxing is never a waste of time! My husband is hooked on solitaire as well. Enjoy