Thursday, June 27, 2013


Two "J.D's"

Johnny Depp has become a major, much beloved, highly respected star.

JD Cullum is our son, an actor,  not famous,but much admired, highly respected by other actors in California.

Depp is handsome. JD is handsome. They are almost the same age. Johnny D has achieved what actors dream of achieving. JD has been "discovered," --  on his way to stardom -- but when his big break happened, there was an actors' strike and the TV series he was going to co-star in was postponed and fizzled.

Depp has played memorable roles in many films, blockbuster films. I observe his work with my eye, developed from my being the wife, fan, and critic of the shows my husband, John Cullum, has starred in. Depp is always interesting and always gives us a person with whom we can identify, be it a leading man, hero, or villain, but ... nitpicking, why does he always hide the character, the real person with props?  Glasses, very often he's wearing glasses, donning them, removing them, polishing them, or he's smoking. I miss seeing his eyes, sensing the real Depp's feelings.      

JD is constantly performing leading roles in plays, doing guest spots on TV, and in films. Nit picking, he seems to need laughs, gets laughs, but often layers into the role he's playing, far out, even zany characteristics -- a tremor, a weird something or other. I would love to see him play a romantic lead -- play a man more simply, using no gimmicks, or oddities, and  NOT go for laughs.

Anyhow, JD is in "The Lone Ranger," the 2013 film, starring Johnny D. JD played Wendell, the accountant, and was on location throughout the shooting of this film.  Though I asked questions about Johnny D's girl friend, broken marriage and kids, JD just mm-ed. Impressed and jealous, he talked about Johnny D's huge trailer loaded with fantastic exercise equipment that enabled the star to workout daily.  (JD is also an exercise nut.)

Now, of course, Johnny D's into the next phase of his life -- another film, and maybe another wife. He's always been scrupulously careful about what he has revealed bout himself. And now, JD is back with his girlfriend, a telephone relationship with his ex wife, and job hunting.

My thoughts swirl -- I don't pray for luck, or ask God to help JD. I see what I see and know that JD is mile-a-minute into many new projects, like his  dad and I who are still in motion -- growing, trying, striving, hoping and adjusting to happenstance. That's what the Cullums believe in and go for -- life motion.  

The two JD's -- two guys on the same road, and one road has led one of them to fame, and fortune -- we are happy that JD's trip has made him into a clear-thinking, craftsman, who is zestfully traveling.


Anonymous said...

Wow> yes these two JD's are both handsome. Johnny being born in KY, the place where I am from. I don't have much to say on this one, but I am glad for them both. I hope the best for them, seems they are on a path they both love and enjoy.
Best of luck JD's, may your life be blessed with happiness. To me being happy is a true blessing.

Carola said...

I could see him as a lead in a detective show, or perhaps a hard-punching (but handsome) district attorney. I'm glad he's doing well in his acting career.

Michael Blevins said...

Thanks so much for posting Em! All my best to you, John and JD! Be safe, continue to do the great stuff you all do and by all means keep in touch!

mombot said...

Your JD is a handsome man, too. Johnny wears glasses because he has been essentially blind in one eye since he was very young, and even with all his money, it's not correctable by surgery. Depp's path was never certain by any means. His films were never huge financial successes when they did make any money so it was his performance in Pirates as the now-iconic Jack Sparrow that catapulted him to fame. He's always been good to his fans, and the stories of his kindness and generosity are numerous. I hope that some day, your JD gets that big break that he deserves.

mombot said...

OH, and I'll be looking for him when I watch The Lone Ranger!

Peggy Bechko said...

Two great looking guys & a great article. Interesting the paths our lives take. Good fortune to them both.

Linda Phillips said...

I love Johnny Depp. I also love JD. For my money, JD is far more handsome than Johnny Depp. I hope that someday that handsome Cullum actor will also be a household word!

Melba LaRose, Artistic Director said...

JD is handsome and I have no doubt he'll be a big success... but I'm still jumping Johnny's bones first chance I get.

Anonymous said...

Depp's characters always have quirky, as if he's too shy to be a character without quirky gimicks. I'm kind of repeating what you've said Em but in a different way. The Director he works with most often (can remember his name right now) also is highly creative and quirky too, which at times for me overwhelms the story. The quirky sure gets your attention everytime which makes it fun to watch Depp but I'm looking for something else in a delivery of a character. Your John is a wonderful actor, I don't know how he does it but you totally see the character he creates to the point you forget it is John Cullum the actor because the character is so real within the context of the story. Depp, is always Depp , wonderful but I never forget that who I'm watching is Depp. Hope that makes sense. I've not seen your son JD but I will get the movie and watch for him in it. Hugs, xxxxxooo Heather Mash

Rosanna Bencoach said...

I don't get to many new films. Tend to wait for video or tv. But, when I know that John or JD is in a film, I get there as soon as I can. Looking forward to seeing JD in "The Lone Ranger." He's a good actor, and one heck of a nice guy.

Louise Sorensen said...

"If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself."~~ Desiderata
When I first read that poem in my twenties, many, many moons ago, I felt I had discovered the secret of to how to live.
I sometimes look at my children and wonder why they're not stars in their fields.
I look at my beloved husband and wonder why an intelligent, honourable, hardworking man of science has an estate worth nothing at all like the $60 million estate actor James Gandolfini is reputed to have left. I look at Stephanie Meyers and her millions with Twilight, E.L. James and her 50 Shades and I'm not even published yet.
And then I think, 'There is no justice in life.'
And then I think, 'We're all healthy, alive, fed, sheltered, clothed... we have nothing to complain about.'
And then I go back to my own wonderful life, where I get to make some, at least, of the decisions that rule it, and think what a great time in the history of humankind this is to be alive, for some people in this world, anyway, and I am one of them. And I am content.
Louise Sorensen
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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Glad JD is in the movie the Lone Ranger. I like Johnny D but would enjoy seeing your son in more TV and movies. I have seen him in some and really think he is great!Wish your son good luck on his path to stardom. kam