Sunday, June 23, 2013


Em asks John Cullum what kind of work would he would HATE to have to do. 

John Cullum reveals that any job that has to do with selling is "not for me!"

Em thinks that worst job for her would be being a maid. It's not the cleaning or subservient aspects of the work -- it's a bad job for her because she doesn't do it well.  

Discussing other possibilities, one thing is certain--John doesn't mind doing "dirty work," but selling insurance or real estate is out of the question.


Carola said...

John's right: I wouldn't want to be a bill collector.

Anonymous said...

I was a horse groom, mucking stalls as a young man for a stint and repaired commercial garbage compactors for many years; so there wasn't much I wouldn't do except for being president, even for a several million-dollar advance: too much on his plate.

Anonymous said...

Fun video! Made me smile and laugh. I probably wouldn't make a good maid either Em. I would be like that helper/maid that Scarlet O'Hara sent to fetch the doctor when the baby was coming and instead she wandered around humming and singing! Lol! Enjoyed what you and John shared about jobs. kam

Anonymous said...

Okay you two who I dearly love and enjoy watching.
John, let me tell you a farmer is hard work. Whew we, for about two years I raised green peppers to sell to the market. It is very hard work, farming is harder in some things you do. I have done maid work before and it is hard work. The big houses are very hard work. I love to cook, trying new recipes.
You two are something else, when John mentioned slopping hogs, oh my word, I have done that before with my papaw. You cannot put chicken bones in the hog slop. You have to make sure nothing is in it that will choke them to death. It is so stinky, the hog slop. Papaw would have me to carry it to the old hog pen.
Hey you all, I want to thank you for sharing your life with me, and others who watch. I truly enjoy watching. I have laughed while watching this one for sure.
I wished I would have met you all years ago, would love to meet you all.
However, you all take care of each other, Em, you and John were meant to be together. I am a firm believer in that after watching so many of your videos. Okay, you two I hope you rest well and look forward watching again real soon. (Jan)

Dustspeck said...

That's funny Em: My mom used to say, "Do you want to end up being a ditch digger!?" and I'd say, "Yes I would!" I also thought that being a garbage man looked like a great job when I was a kid in the sixties too. I guess that I did eventually manage to dig some ditches; as in, digging around the foundation of houses to lay drainage tile for relatives and I've planted some trees too but that's not the same thing. I guess that when it comes to digging, the most important kind is hand digging graves. I've done that for human cremains once and for some of my special fury friends. When I was nine I did that for the first time for my friend Milky. She had just had two babies and was killed in the street in front of our home. So, I guess that that is the answer to the question Emily; although, that may not qualify as work, more likely it's a duty.
Gee, that is a tough question. I'll think more about it for a while. Good one Em. Some questions are more thought provoking than others. Deja vu moments occur.
Merle Travis wrote a wonderful song in 1946 called, "Dark as a Dungeon", that's about a kind of digging that I'll pass on. How about that Emily? Coal-mining doesn't appeal to me at all. There's a job I don't want to even try to do.

Unknown said...

"You can be a cheap maid.." Still has me belly laughing! As a "dude", I don't use the descriptive term "cute" often- or maybe often enough. However, Em, you and John are just that! You have made this "pawpawdude" smile.

Maureen Jacobs said...

I would undertake any job provided it did not corrode my sense of humanity, sense of self, and my sense of morality. That being said, the only job I would abhor, but still do if I needed to, would to be is an exterminator. I don't like bugs, I don't want to work with bugs, and I don't like to be near bugs. Bugs are creepy and they make me creeped out. Give me a snake, a rat, a mouse. Throw in a possum and a raccoon for good measure. But don't, I mean please don't ask me to exterminate bugs. Don't get me wrong, exterminating them is awesome, but that would require the possibility of running across them dead or alive. Nope, not for me.