Thursday, June 13, 2013


How did this actor do it? Transform himself from a typical California actor into what he' is now?..

Physically he has ordinary features -- there's nothing odd, nothing unusual about his nose, mouth or chin -- it's a good face, and a good body. He's not short, or unusually tall -- or broad, fat, skinny, not flabby or super muscular. He just appears to be a regular, typical, normal, ordinary guy.

Leonardo D. started doing commercials when he was five; landed a recurring role in a soap opera, at 16, was in a sitcom; his film debut, at 17, was in the sci-fi horror film, ("Critters 3.") He was praised by critics for "This Boy's Life," then praised for "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Marvin's Room," "The Basketball Diaries," -- at 22, he got raves for the film, "Romeo and Juliet." The following year, he exploded into international fame in "Titanic."

Since then, he's been growing artistically -- nominated for awards for his work in "Catch Me If You Can," "Gangs of New York," "The Aviator," "Blood Diamond," "The Departed," "Revolutionary Road," and "Django Unchained." (And Clint Eastwoods "J. Edgar," and a host of other films, too many to list in this summary.)

There's interesting celeb gossip about him and the models he dates that seems to fall into a pattern -- after the romance has cooled (they last for months, even a year or two), the relationship is maintained. My star-watcher eyes have me thinking IS he gay, making sure that we think he's straight? I dismiss this as an old-fashioned, out-of-date.

That DiCaprio's a philanthropical environmentalist -- yes -- that impresses me, but what really impresses me is the film he did at age 28, with Tom Hanks -- I've attached  a trailer from it -- the way he transformed himself in that film was magical.

He was marvelous. I rarely use that word -- some of my husband, John Cullum's performances in musicals were marvelous. 

Who Leonardo D. really is, doesn't interest me as much what he can do as actor. The proof's in the pudding. Here's a clip from "Catch Me If You Can," and a clip of what this actor-artist says about some of his recent films. 

Yay, Leonardo DiCaprio. 'I'm hanging a laurel on this actor, crowning him, presenting him with an EM-Oscar. 


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Carola said...

I have enjoyed him in a number of roles. He seems quite versatile, and getting better. J.Edgar was phenomenal.

Jeanabella said...

Always liked him and looked forward to his mature self to show up in his movies.
He reminds me of the all American movie star/actor adding in that he comes across as a nice guy.
Glad I took the time to read this summary as it put into words my thoughts but in a much better way.
Thanks EM

Linda Phillips said...

Funny, I suspect that he may be gay as well. In any event, he is an enormously talented actor with a very broad range. He is like a blank canvas that can be turned into just about any image possible. Like you, I hold his talent in great esteem. He truly is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Great tribute blog to Leonardo D.I enjoy all his movies and he is MARVOLOUS! Loved Catch Me if You Can and cried when he died in Titanic. He has such talent and is gifted I think in reaching his audience. That's what makes him memorable. kam

Anonymous said...

A very talented actor indeed. I was first struck by his performance in Gilbert Grape and knew he was someone to watch. Marvellous is the right word.

Anonymous said...

He is as good an actor as many others out there. He has been lucky to get leading roles. I really have not paid to much attention to him as other actors. I wish him much success and he is who he is.

Anonymous said...

he has a special annointing purpose

Katherine Seward said...

Wow! That makes three actors I totally underestimated, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr.was the other. And to my shame it was due simply to their youth and beauty therefore they could possiby have enough staying power. Emily just say you forgive me for listening to some of the "Big Time Film Critics" instead of judging for myself. Sincerely, Katherine

Maureen Jacobs said...

Mr. DiCaprio is a very talented person. Yes, he is an actor, however, I get the feeling that anything he does, he does well. Some people have a knack for being good at many things. His talent in choosing roles, choosing scripts, acting, and great business proves that he is much more than an actor. He seems very passionate about everything he does. Therefore, he gives his 150% while tackling whatever comes at him. The beauty of being this talented, means that you will always succeed in life. There is a flip side to all it it, and that my friends, I would never venture to assume that life is all that easy for the genius we call Leonardo DiCaprio.