Sunday, June 9, 2013


Em  picks the subject.

"How did it feel, John, when you attended the Tribecca Film Festival?"

Tell us, John, was it fun, being on the red carpet?

John Cullum's description of the why he was there, the movie, the role he played in it, with Chloris Leachman, tells the tale.


Carola said...

What a shame. I would love to see those scenes that were cut.

Linda Phillips said...

I loved that story. John is so wholesome and genuine. Another actor without John's years of experience might have had a totally different reaction. Bravo John!

Unknown said...

I would've recognized you, John!

At least you got ice cream!

As usual, a fun and funny blog. LOVE you guys!

Anonymous said...

I chuckled aloud at John's mentioning "hot pants," "vegetable sandwich" and "all kinds of paraphernalia and it was really interesting"; and especially at your "I don't want to hear about the film! How did you feel about ..." Thanks to both of you. You made my afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Very heartwarming video! Loved to hear John's story of being on the red carpet and the movie.
You should have gone too and gotten a sandwich.
You and John are so talented -I enjoyed hearing your discussion. kam

Unknown said...

I love your video’s John and Em. John is a true gentleman. You have to see the funny side don’t you? Sorry for my absence, I’ve had a lot on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that story... Well, *I* know who you are and many others like me think you are a wonderful actor John. Younger actors sometimes forget who paved the way for them. I like how down to Earth John is, Em. Tells it like it is, is always himself, and we love him that way. :D

Anonymous said...

Simply awesome. John is very experienced and genuine, I knew that when I wrote you all a line or two about a script. He said he was swamped.
LOL> He is honest and I like that in a person. Great story, thanks for sharing the red carpet.