Saturday, August 24, 2013


"Have you become more like your father?" Em wants to know.

John describes his father, and explains that he finds himself taking on more of his father's characteristics instinctively. 

Em wondering if it's a fact of life -- "If we had a daughter, I guess she'd  become more like me, or rebel and become completely opposite?" . 

That John has become more conservative and more of a stickler, very much now, like his father was, is what the John and Em observe .

Cullums see it happening to their son, actor JD, too.



Anonymous said...

It is awesome that John is like his father. I happen to think that Virginius was the ultimate Southern gentleman. He even wrote me a poem to welcome me into the family. Just keep on walkin the walk John. Jo Tilton

Anonymous said...

John's so right on about seeing his father in the mirror; for I see my dad looking back at me now. My father and I didn't see eye to eye during my younger years, but we became best friends during his Act Three in life; and I valued his advice tremendously until he died. He is missed greatly.

Carola said...

I think this is one of the most interesting videos you've done, especially the part about John talking to JD, and feeling as if he's his father talking to the young John Cullum, plus all the different variations of that.

Linda Phillips said...

How can we not be like our parents in certain ways? We share their DNA, don't we?

I see things in myself that, now more than ever, resemble my mother and my father. Some of those traits I like and many I dislike.

I hate seeing the negative ones and really try to not allow them to surface, but it is far from easy.

I also admired many things about both of them and am proud to have those traits as well.