Sunday, August 18, 2013


If you could be anywhere in the world on vacation right now, where would you want to be, and what would you want to be doing?

John wants to be in NYC -- visiting all the wonderful places in the city that he never has time to visit anymore.

Emily, thinking more specifically, wants to know if John, right at the moment that they're making the video, would rather be doing something recreationally, like swimming or driving a car.

Remembering the fun they had renting a rowboat, the Cullums decide they'd like to rent a boat and go fishing.


Carola said...

I would like one of two possible vacations: to sit in a sidewalk café and watch people (I'm about to do that when I go back to Paris). Or to be on a cruise ship in a penthouse suite, staring at the ocean as we plow through it.

Anonymous said...

Great fun video Em! Enjoyed what you and John would like to do on a vacation. Mine would be coming to NYC and visiting you all. How fun and exciting that would be and we can eat popcorn and watch movies and talk for hours.
Thanks for sharing such a fun vacation vision.

Linda Phillips said...

When I still lived in my home town and place of my birth, NYC, the theatre was my ultimate vacation. It was a family tradition to always see a Broadway show on holidays. For me it began around age 7 or so when I saw Wish You Were Here and Guys and Dolls...all in the very same week.

Later in life, when I had the money, I would go to the theatre on all major holidays. It was indeed a form of vacation.

I adore the theatre, especially musicals.

John too said that he would consider it a vacation to go to the theatre every night (for 2 weeks I believe.) John, I am with you. So would I.

Unknown said...

Loved it EM! I rarely ever get to vacation, but since we live 5 minutes from the beach... we love to fish, walk on the beach, or enjoy a free concert occasionally with friends! It is vacation to me to have time to just relax, smell, listen to and watch the waves and tide coming in. To catch the sunset here is magnificent!

Unknown said...

Yes this is the age when more wanting from one another.......Lucky both as they still have the love, alive in their relationship! envy them!

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Right now, I'd like to be sharing a meal with a family in their village home in Ethiopia's high country. Alternately, I'd like to be standing at Victoria Falls in South Africa. Not that I don't love a great show in NYC, I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

John saying that any time he is with you, he feels like he is on vacation is heart-warming.... I love to see other people in love and he clearly loves you. The fact that he could pick absolutely any place to go and he has a hard time doing so shows that he is happy right where he is... by your side. :D

Unknown said...

I would just like a few days off near a lake or at the shore. I work 6 days a week and I am so tired. I just want to be able to rest.