Sunday, September 1, 2013


Emily gets John Cullum to tell how he got involved with tennis when he was very young, and why he loved playing it in Knoxville, and in Paris. 

Could you have become a professional," Em asks?

John explains why he didn't want to play tennis professionally, and why it's his favorite sport.


Carola said...

We have a bunch of friends who are totally into tennis. They play it a lot, and they time their travel so that they can attend a major tennis event for a day: the French Open, Wimbledon, etc. They love to watch tennis on TV. I never played tennis, and don't share their enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

I can't pretend I've ever thought of tennis as a metaphor for life but I do love the game. I loved playing but was always pretty hopeless. In spite of this, it gave me the same 'high' as being on stage. Sadly, my disability put paid to playing some time ago. I moved onto badminton as the shuttlecock and racket were lighter but even that became impossible in the '90s. I share John's passion for the game and watch it avidly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this greatly. Wish we had a video of John playing tennis in his younger years. I bet he was a very skillful and talented player. imagine going to Europe to play! Thanks for sharing this insight into one of John's passions. kam