Thursday, September 5, 2013


How many times have you heard about wrinkles -- frown lines, dark circles, what you have to buy, to use, to do in order to look better, younger -- all those things you must do for hair, lips, legs, hands, feet, fingernails, toes, eyelashes, and cellulite.

Are they lies? Um ... uh ... well, they are ads. which are presentations of proven facts that will convince to you buy the product.

Do they work? Well, if you buttered your wrinkles, you might see improvement. You'd see improvement if you iced them, or covered them with makeup. If you did specific exercises for the area you want to improve they'd look better -- better if you are in a frame of mind to see "better." not worse.

And yes, the more you see -- the more you study -- the more passionately concerned you are, to maintain, to improve, to fix what looks older than yesterday.

A long short time ago, the day before my thirtieth birthday, I bought "Second Debut," a moisturizer that was hugely touted on TV -- green bottle for "normal" average skin, pink bottle for "mature" dry skin. I bought two pink bottles from Macy's.

Staving off "after thirty" -- doomful words that advertisements, friends, relatives, even doctors murmur, I used Second Debut every morning and evening for -- gee, how long? -- at least a year. A dancer friend  whose dad was a dermatologist, gave me a tube of Retinol  2.5, (stronger than what drugstores sell). I used it very sparingly -- I didn't have wrinkles but sometimes a frown line appeared on my forehead.

I still have a squeezed-out tube 2.5 Retinol, and an almost empty bottle of "Second Debut." I still look ... well ... I look um... not young, but my face and general shape are more than adequately okay.

Okay, here's the nitty-gritty: I ignore compliments or advice from friends. I ignore all "look younger" latest products, and aphorisms. I wear makeup only when I make videos, or attend my husband's show. I remove it with a few daubs of inexpensive Johnson & Johnson baby oil.

Remember the tooth fairy? One of her sisters resides in my house.

With her help, I pay attention to what I eat. I stay in shape by doing all my chores using my body as much as possible, the way I did when I was thirty -- bending, lifting, reaching, climbing, hurrying, standing tall. The fact is, most of the other doomful things -- dark circles, bags, cellulite, wrinkles, hair loss, and other un-prettifying things that come with growing older -- have more or less happened to me.

Boo-hoo, YAY! My eyes don't see as sharply as they used to. Therefore, when I  see a wrinkle, I race to another mirror, where I kind of chat, with the wrinkle fairy.

Comforting me with nice, gently truthful words that always make me feel better. that, the conversation with her is my wrinkle remedy.

If you're fretting, seeing all the things about yourself that are falling apart, close your eyes and think back to the days when you believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, and you can summon your own help-you fairy. It can be a he, she, or any kind of IT -- it's there, still in your house; it still lives in your mind. It will make you feel nicely, more than adequately okay. 


Anonymous said...

As one of your friends on Facebook says, the best advice is to be comfortable in your own skin. And I'm rather fond of my lines and wrinkles for they show my character traits and experiences. This means I've laughed a great deal and survived some appalling circumstances, hence most of my lines are round my mouth and my forehead! I also think there is little you can do because a lot depends on inheritance. My mother looked in her mid-50s when she died at 78. I'm not sure I'll be that good as I believe I've already garnered more lines than she at that age but who knows. Carpe diem, I say.

Anonymous said...

wisdom makes us beautiful and confidence makes us irresistable. I try to stay relevant and be passionate about something as I age.

Unknown said...

Embracing yourself, just as you do life, is the best potion in the world if applied with joy,enthusiasm and acceptance. It is obvious Em that just such a "potion" has served you well.

Unknown said...

Embracing yourself, just as you do life, is the best potion in the world if done with joy,enthusiasm and acceptance. You Em, are an example of just how well that "potion" works.

Stan said...

I use an iron to iron out all my wrinkles...hurts sometimes.....Another good article Em

Carola said...

Staying out of the sun is the best cure for avoiding wrinkles. I admire the little old ladies who walk in the sun with small umbrellas. I tried that once in Hawaii, but felt silly.

Linda Phillips said...

For years I spent a fortune (going back to the days, long before a wrinkle was ever an issue) on the most expensive crème du jour by Lancôme and Borghese. What a waste of money, especially so in the days when I was temporarily unemployed! I had all kinds of rituals. I was addicted to these products, whose names I can no longer remember.

I wish I had not been a sun worshipper in my youth. Thanks to the sun that I truly adored, I now have liver spots and other nameless things all over my back that I am told Medicare will not pay to have removed. So I live with these yucky, war wounds of sun and aging.

However, nature has spared me of wrinkles, which at my age is simply amazing.

My beauty routine these days, consists of washing my face with a facial cleansing lotion for mature skin, which contains no soap or other harsh ingredients. That's it!

The only time I use moisturizer is on the most rare occasion when I put on make-up. And trust me, that is most rare.

Unknown said...

All in the mind & $ in the purse! As the wrinkles with this in hand reduces to 50%, the rest can be gained by your remedies, as they more effective. But no one can act against the laws! Keep this in mind!