Monday, January 6, 2014


What about a CARDBOARD BIKE? It is made from recycled packaging, bottles and car parts, and costs about $30.  

Or, GOOGLE GLASS -- we heard about it more than a year ago; the price is $1500, but you can't buy them yet. They enable you to take pictures without anyone knowing that’s what you’re doing -- there's no hand movement, clicking -- nothing that tells the subject that he's being photographed.

Time Magazine's list of the 27 best inventions of 2013. includes 5 other inventions that I find sort of interesting:
ANKI DRIVE -- game, driverless toy cars you program with a remote.
+ POOL -- portable pool you plunk down anywhere, to swim in bacteria free water.
ARGUS 11 -- glasses that give sight to the partially blind.
INFINITY TOWER -- invisible skyscraper; you see what's behind it, not the skyscraper.
GASTRIC BROODING FROG -- re-created extinct species.

The portable pool looks rather amazing. As for the Frog, the Invisible Tower, that toy car game ... well ... I think ARGUS spectacles that help the partially blind are an important invention.

Popular Science Magazine list includes:    
BOUNCING CAMERA -- ball to throw into area; warns of impending dangers. 
SPACE SUIT -- for use on a trip to outer space. ($50,000.)
PROSTHETIC LIMB -- for athletic amputees.
HOME USE PLANE -- affordable, fuel efficient.  

This baseball-sized camera ball that warns you of dangers could be very helpful.

Other inventions on various lists include:
powered by rocks in a bag.
you can program it to do what you need it to do.
pen that doodles in 3 dimensions, like a glue gun. ($99.)
recipe, using fermented dried beans.
cream-filled, glazed croissant-like donut, $40. (Gee, for  just one?)
stand straight suit for quadriplegics.
take once a day; it utilizes stomach acids to emit a EKG signal your phone can detect.

Hmm -- Robotic arm is very interesting -- though I wouldn't bend over backwards to obtain one, but maybe, just maybe I'd like to taste a Cro nut.

Maybe I'm just not in the mood for NEW stuff.  I'm focused on lots of old stuff that needs fixing. Which one of these inventions would you try or buy?


Stan said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to play my guitar...Ha!

Carola said...

I like the 3-D Doodler. Although you could never get away with it in a meeting.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

They're all very interesting, but I'm at a point in life where I'm trying to streamline. The things I'd want to buy if I could are activities - such as travel, skiing, dancing - or things that improve what I already have - such as kitchen renovation, storm windows, or new floors. However, I was excited to see so many gadgets to help people with disabilities.