Saturday, January 4, 2014


Em wants to know what day in his life he'd like to revisit.

John immediately describes a family day at the Alocoa Swimming pool in Marysville, Tennessee -- picnicking, and devouring watermelon.

Em describes the day she enjoys turning back the clock to -- one of her most special days was the day when she met John Cullum at a swimming pool in Knoxville.


Unknown said...

How funny! I too having been raised as a "Southern Baptist" understand John's reticence when first presented with the question. Trust me Em, there are many ingrained "pseudo"sins that would have had my mind racing to revisit atonement's door if I had been asked the same question. Nothing nefarious with regards to the harmony of our love..but, more so along the lines of playing cards in the backrooms of Sunday School. OF COURSE,WITHOUT DOUBT, had John's spirituality not stood in his way, he most assuredly would have answered, "the day I met YOU dear Em is the day I would revisit time and time again. As it was from afar, at first glance as our eyes met, that my soul danced with joy knowing you were the one for me for the rest of my life". Give me an "amen" to that John, right?

Anonymous said...

Hello you two. I have missed you all. My little one said hello. His name is Sebastian and little Mason to. Anyway you all are super. If I could turn back the clock it would be when I was 16- it would have to do with telling everyone in my big family I loved them with all my heart, because some of them are gone now. You all are so special so I want to tell you both I love you all.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I had to say one more thing. John is sweet when he said he loved waking up with you each day. Now if that is not sweet and lovely then what is. Em you should have grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. Who cares I know you have a blog but let people seen Johns reactions to things that you just say or do in that moment, awe every once in awhile wont hurt nothing, it would make it sexy, you two are truly in love...I love you guys.

Pete in Montana said...

Wow! To pick any one moment, hmm. It would probably be the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains up close. I was heading west out of Denver, going to California.I knew right then, that someday I would live in the intermountain west, and here I am. See Ya.