Saturday, January 18, 2014


Em teases John.

Because John gets lost when he's searching or shopping on the internet, Em starts singing somewhat melodically,  "I wonder why you wander...."

John explains that odd facts, sports,  and photos of things divert him.

Em gets him singing about wandering, and praises him for being what he is.


Linda Phillips said...

John clearly has a creative and inquisitive mind. I hope he uses a multitab browser. I admire his need for knowlegde . I am the same way, although possibly a tad more organized about it.

I keep all of my passwords in one file with a name that is NOT called Password. Only I know what that file is and I back it up with a flash drive.

All hail to JC and his wonderfully curious mind!

Unknown said...

I am JUST like John! I VERY often go on such wandering trips on the Internet.

I don't have trouble with passwords though. :)

You two are SO sweet and thank you for the singing! <3

Pete in Montana said...

I use the internet constantly. One of the many reasons is that I've been able to repair several different things in the house by watching You Tube videos. I replaced a major part in my Stairmaster, and my wife was simply amazed at my technical skills. See Ya.

Anonymous said...

I wander around a bit too. Hard not to with all of the ads and links on every page now. :) What a beautiful singing voice John has! And I love how much you two love each other :) Hope you're feeling better Em.