Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I read that fish can recognize faces.
Bubble bubble, toil and trouble thinks motherly Em, recalling many mornings when I fed the fish in our fish tank -- yes indeed -- the fish gathered at the top and seemed to be waiting for me. Did they recognize me or were they just very hungry?

Well, researchers say they recognized me. Nature Magazine, CNN, The Washington PostNational Geographic, and Scientific Reports say YES, based on the study that was done by scientists at University of Oxford in the U.K. and the University of Queensland in Australia.

Furthermore, these experts say that Archerfish can be trained to pick people out of a  lineup. They can differentiate  between one human and another.

Various articles explained: "Though Archerfish lack a 'neocortex,'  or any other brain structure involved in visual processing, they are not like dogs or horses, not domesticated, and haven't faced evolutionary pressure to recognize people. Even  so, Archerfish have keen vision and a unique capacity to spit powerfully jets of water that can shoot down prey, such as flying insects or small lizards perched on foliage. They can do this with pinpoint precision."

That ability is how the researchers trained archerfish. They used food rewards to get them to direct their fire at images of specific people on a computer screen -- did it over and over again so that finally, when a familiar face was placed among 44 strangers, the fish spat at the face they knew with 81 percent accuracy.  (You can check this out on Vice.com.)


Author of the study, Cait Newport, said: "I think it's really fascinating that they have these supposedly simple brains, but they are still able to use them for really complicated tasks, and we probably just don't give them enough credit."

Wow! What a Queen, Mother Nature is -- more than a queen, a genius, a magical evolutionary evolver Mother Nature is ... 

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”  Aristotle

Gee, I'm glad I talked to my pet fish, the way I talk to my plants. 

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Carola said...

And we thought crows were so intelligent when research showed that they can recognize faces.