Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is a chat about how most people react to seeing themselves in photos -- Emily Frankel observes that most people seem to dislike the way they look.

John Cullum has often complained about not liking the way he looks in movies and television shows.

John Cullum and Emily have advice to give on the subject -- things you can do so that your photographs and videos will be more attractive, even to your own critical eye.


Carola said...

Good advice. I'll have to try it. I hate photographs of myself.

Linda Phillips said...

Great suggestion Em! My mouth always freezes if I have to hold a smile too long. Just think happy thoughts...(I hate amateur photographers who make you wait and wait and wait...those are the worst pics.)

Professional pics are a whole other story.

Bobbie Horowitz said...

Well said, Emily and John. Thank you for helping many actors and others with this advice. I help people pick hues to wear and styles that suit them. You've covered a whole area that's often not taught at all. I think everyone who is going to have a picture taken should see this video.

Lynne said...

In addition to not hearing ourselves as we sound to others,it makes sense that we don't like the way we look to others at times---I've been feeling I look like the Titanic lately. I'll definitely try creating a "backstory" for myself the next time I'm being photographed!