Saturday, March 5, 2011


Facebooking is easy. Tweeting is harder for me to do.

I have thoughts, but it's hard to confine them to 140 characters.

I have a niece -- she's intelligent, articulate, and recently gave birth to a baby. She's tweeting throughout every day, about ... (deep sigh) zilch, nada, nothing.

Does this comfort her? Give her pleasure? Make her less lonely? Is she's longing to be noticed? I guess she just wants to share her thoughts with other new mothers, who are feeling sort of bored and stuck in a rut like she is.

On, I've "followed" a couple of celebs -- people I don't know personally, who are tweeting about what they're doing, thinking, and seeing throughout a day. I guess it serves a purpose for politicians,, columnists, media guys, movie stars and almost-but-not-quite stars, and probably also cooks and published authors, but it seems like a bunch of rambling.

Yep, the tweets are sort of like smoke -- there's an odor -- it's shapeless gray -- the rambling stuff vanishes and leaves you nowhere.

So what's bothering me? I write posts (short essays) for "Em's Talkery" on different subjects, and include a few background facts, and I try hard to explain what I think about the topic.

And while I'm working, "my friends" on Facebook are plunking in one or two sentence about what's on their minds. Their "friends" sort of tweet/comment/plunk in a strong "Wow," or "Gee" or "That's great!" and everybody gets his or her name on a news-feed page that everybody else (who's logged in around the same time as I am, gets to see/hear/and note who's saying, doing what.

I'm realizing that FB is tweeting and tweeting is FB-ing -- the only difference is the 140 character rule on It's easier to ramble on in Facebook. But all those plunked in tweet like sentences on a news-feed are just people looking for approval..

Gee... is that what I'm doing?

No, no! I'm writing, polishing, revising and working on every single sentence for clarity and REAL communication and .... and.... and... . ..

Oh my goodness !

What's in a name ?
If the shoe fits it fits.
Face book just ... well, it doesn't pinch my bunions.
So I'm happily, logically, with no character counting, tweeting away on FB.


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