Thursday, April 7, 2011


Waking very early this morning, hearing the usual early, early noises of the garbage trucks grinding, I thought about JC. He needs the extra hour of sleep.

After an eight-hour-day of rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Park, he shopped, brought home three large bags of groceries, and after dinner, lugged our large garbage bag downstairs to the street.

I crept downstairs and turned on my computer, thinking about what I wanted to write about today.

I did my usual morning promenade around my studio theater. It used to be "DanceHouse," my school, where I taught. Before those days, the floor was rented by a guy who played the drums whom I desperately wanted to evict -- the noise was intolerable. (Actually, that's why we bought the building with my mother's financial help -- it's a five-story brownstone in the heart of Manhattan. Back in those days, we lived on the top floor. Now, we occupy the two top floors.)

"Maybe I'll write about JC," I thought as I donned my work "uniform." JC's and my in-the-world clothes are racks in the theater tech room, which was DanceHouse's dressing room that my students used. JC built a steel table for our sound and lighting equipment that can be rolled into the theater. Our two story "home/offices/theater " is about 4,400 square feet, the size of a 14 room mansion. It's in the center of Manhattan, in Chelsea, which is definitely an IN neighborhood, with great restaurants, clothing stores and a California "Trader Joe's" grocery two blocks away.

JC, the "legendary actor" marches out every day, to shop, or to audition, to do a benefit, to get something fixed (or get Phil, our Super to fix it). Then JC is off to rehearsal for his current job, and the PR stuff his employer needs him to do. JC never says NO to any interviews, including unimportant radio and small-town local TV shows. He says YES. He re-schedules, jumps through hoops to be available for out-of-town relatives, old friends, as well as meetings with agents, producers, directors -- that's him -- what a spirit he has!

I love the chiseled look of him, offstage and onstage -- his cheekbones, the strong-boned look of him -- a handsome husband is nice to have, but JC's go-and-do-it spirit inspires me.

Okay, in a different sort of way I'm a go person too -- I like to go further, go faster, and sometimes sort of adventurously, even dangerously just go. But wow -- JC's GO spirit -- I live with an amazing go-Go-GO guy.


Carola said...

Yes I was amazed at his positive energy at the box office door after a performance a couple of years ago. He signed every requested autograph, listened to people, had a smile for everyone. Even though he must have been tired.

Linda Phillips said...

I find you both quite amazing. I also see how wonderfully well you compliment each other. Bravo and Brava!