Sunday, April 24, 2011


Swivel sweepers don't work -- that's what Em feels. Em feels all the appliances they've bought in the past few years -- appliances that guaranteed to make housework, easier, faster, more efficient -- DON'T REALLY WORK THE WAY THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO.

Why? Because they are batteried. And no matter how you cherish the tool, watch over it, clean it, and carefully recharge the battery -- the battery wears down.

The Cullums' two Swivel Sweepers -- even the one with a new battery -- is not doing as well as John's old-fashioned, Pullman porter's sweeper. It's like a Bissel Carpet sweeper -- an 8 x 8 inch square, easy to push back and forth -- John bought it from a stagehand, who used it to clean the stage at the St. James Theater every night.


pamela said...

Okay, Em and John, give us a real treat. Show us a uTube of John using his terrific sweeper you mentioned that does the work much better than these horrible battery powered sweepers.

And of course show us John's invention of cleaing out this machine. (the hook).

Best to you both...

Carola said...

I hate the way newer versions of appliances we used to like are so much junkier.